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Meditational Mandalas

Place/Venue: Inspiritual, 25 Bernie Lane, Rochester, NY 14624
Description of Event: David Fontana, a teacher of meditation and of mandalas once wrote, "The mandala is like a mirror that helps us to discover who we are. If the mandala is a suitable one, it is already a reflection of something deep inside ourselves, a reflection that does not judge or condemn, that does not flatter or deceive, that does not compare us with other people and find us better or worse, that simply reveals to us things as they are. When we stop to think about ourselves we become aware of all sorts of strengths and weaknesses, but the mandala is not interested in these. Like a mirror, it accepts all that it sees. It teaches us not to hide from ourselves. It teaches us to stop pretending that we are somebody we are not and to experience what it is to be ourselves rather than becoming lost in an artificial world of concepts, prejudices and needless hopes and fears about ourselves."

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle. Mandalas are circular images whose amazing power goes far beyond mere decoration. They have been used in healing for centuries by cultures all over the world because of their transformative effect on the body, mind, and spirit.

Each month, we will begin with a guided meditation associated with a specific gift or emotion. Then we will have quiet time to meditate with the various colors, listening to our intuitive response to each color and its placement in a pre-drawn mandala. Using pre-drawn mandalas allows one to focus on our relationship with color, rather then form. Time and space will be provided to color one’s mandala and reflect on the messages behind the colors used.

Coffee, tea, and water will be provided. Crayons and colored pencils will be provided. However, feel free to bring your own coloring supplies if you would prefer

We will meet the 1st Sunday of each month from 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

The focus in April will be on Boredom

Admission Price: $10
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Wheelchair Accessible: Yes


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