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Spirit Drawing with JD Arrichi

One part psychic reading, one part art, & one part intuitive tool, Spirit Art is all about you. The process of creating spirit art is by channeling a picture intended for you, or a person of your choosing. This is done by connecting to divine guidance and trusting the outcome. J:D has been doing Spirit Art and Spirit Drawings for over 10 years with many satisfied clients.

Initially your Spirit Art or Spirit Drawing, is an original piece of art created for you. This itself is it a rarity. Additionally, you will receive a "general interpretation" of the art. Interpretations are similar to a reading, but the interpretation is truly just the starting point. Because the picture is created via "channeled energy", in its own right, energetically alive. Now before anyone cringes or gets "creeped out", keep in mind it is divine energy. The same energy we are all apart of and connected to. The energy in the picture can literally show you things about yourself and about your path. It is a tool for guidance.

5 x 7 drawings are $35 and 8 x 10 drawings are $40. Both take about a 1/2 hour. 
They come matted in a clear sleeve with a backing board and written interpretation. Please PM to schedule an appointment with your top three time choices.

email us at or call us at 585-729-6113 to schedule your appointment