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Spirit Drawing Workshop with JD Arrichi

Spirit Drawing is truly more an experience in learning to “see”, initially on paper creating a drawing, but ultimately in your life. The process allows you to experience you inner sight outside of what you may be used to; therefore, creating an opportunity for growth beyond conventional means and without limitations. We will be working with charcoal on white paper. Most attendees complete three (3) - four (4) drawings in the class. 
JD Aricchi has been a spirit artist for over 11 years. JD will share his stories and experiences to demonstrate how creating through spirit is truly unlimited.  Looking within and knowing yourself allows you to find your own way of expression and insight. Because you are the creator, the impact is not only more personal, but more powerful.”
For more information about JD, his work, and examples, Visit:
Yes, it is true, no artistic “ability” or experience is needed for this workshop. In many
prior workshops, those with less experience are able to grasp the process and demonstrate it in their works easier than those with an artistic background.
Important notes: In this workshop we will be working in charcoal or pastels. Both can
get messy and have strong staining potential. It is highly recommended to wear at least a “smock” or expendable clothing. The more free we can flow with the energy (without worrying about ruining our clothes) the better the experience can be. Handy wipes will be provided.
Admission Price: $35.00