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LightWorks! What is Spiritual Journaling


Barnes & Noble

100 Park Point Dr, Rochester, NY

Spiritual journaling is more than keeping a diary where you log the events of your life. It's a place where you share your innermost thoughts with yourself and your Higher Power. As you become more comfortable and skilled in doing that, you will sense a deeper spiritual direction for your life. Most spiritual journaling writers suggest there are two rules about spiritual journaling. In Life’s Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest, Christina Baldwin states there are only two rules for spiritual journaling: Date your entries as you go, and don’t make any other rules.

Spiritual journaling provides you with an opportunity to reflect on the spiritual understandings, which may be struggling to rise within your consciousness. Anything, which catches your attention in daily life, such as quotes, images, feelings, or things you find in the world, may be the universe’s way of catching your attention.

This evening Rev. Sharon Jacobson will share one of eight techniques that she teaches in her 8 week spiritual journaling workshop which begins on September 25th. I will not be teaching you what to write, but rather a strategy to help liberate your writing and take you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationship with your Higher Power, however you define that.

Each person should bring something with them to write with and on. I strongly encourage people not to use their laptops. Also, people should bring something with them which is speaking to them that day. It can be an item, a photo, a poem, word, quote, etc.

Rev. Sharon has her own meetup and an on line newsletter - Inspiritual and a blog. Rev Sharon is a spiritual partner, teacher, writing, and light worker. She has been teaching spiritual journaling workshops and classes for the last five years. Rev Sharon also works with people in small groups and individually to help them grow and evolve spiritually. She teaches at SUNY Brockport and has a theology degree.

We charge $5 at the door to cover costs and pay an honorarium to the speaker. Everyone is welcome to join us, bring friends and we'll see you there.

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