Each new day a challenge met

Maybe even a spiritual battle or two,

Then, another revelation of Messiah powerfully made known

In fulfillment, in Heaven's crystal clear abundance;

We draw near to the protective love of Absolute Authority

Showered from above with joyfulness

Salvation His delight as a tent that covers

Worship, a temple that surrounds us,

Our Holy Lord a most zealous King!

Many things are spoken,

Many things are written 

Living Words of the Gospel by the Living God;

From long ago Abraham and Sarah walked the path of faith

As a narrow road of faithful guidance

Covenant promises held closely written on their hearts,

Zeal in passions to follow their Shepherd.

Amazing promises of God in those ancient days

Hand in hand with new visions of Kingdom Glory-

A nation to be born 

A nation to be grown

A nation to one day fill the Earth;

Zion as God's chosen Throne

Jerusalem His chosen city

And then, wonders of a new heaven and a new earth.

A magnificent waterfall of revelations is given

Purest water entrusted to many,

His Kingdom nation and Gentile family to be united as one!

Just as our Holy Father now dwells with us in Yeshua

By Messiah's Holy Spirit,

Our Sovereign Father's Light fills this dark world

Our radiant Savior, the glorious most powerful Lamp

Splendid in Majesty

Who stands always at our side;

The tender and most gentle Shepherd

Will guide each of us today by His love!



            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com 


A kind and Majestic hand reaches out

And takes a few drops of Living Water,

With His Creator's touch from an endless ocean of love

Always before Him,

A few drops then placed into a human heart with a sea of needs

A woman's tender soul that thirsts,

The humble spirit of a man as well becomes suddenly alive!

True life is freely given where there was none

Peace in beauty where stress and inner conflict ruled,

Love that can now easily forgive

True love that covers all transgressions

Pure love that expresses sacrificial goodness in thanksgiving,

As love quickly forgives and forgets

And "keeps no record of wrongs";

Love rises above without any fear of punishment or judgement.

Living Water now flows within

A stream spoken into existence by our Lord,

It rises as a fountain, flows from a life of abundance

Gifted through human spirit rebirth;

Kingdom blessings of the soul

Kingdom fellowship of the body, soul and spirit.

All goodness belongs to the Body of Messiah

His Church embraced with eternal confident rest

Like most beautiful waves that wash ashore

Gently, completely flooded

The beaches of time made perfectly clean,

While the ocean of eternity stretches beyond every glowing horizon;

Only a spirit reborn stands along this shoreline

Drawn into the perfect beauty of knowledge,

The Kingdom Bride understands and lives this Truth fully.



            https://garybertick.wordpress. com 



True peace is the busy and calloused world,

The Mysterious Seeds

Just as that seed of corn,

In dying to self is the gate to real living,

Bowing in humility, worship springs up from this Earth

Caught up in the Universal command bursting to love,

Truth emerges from the human spirit within.

How many creatures and living things there are

Hidden and seen, during the day and at night

On mountain tops, in deepest valleys

Above water, below water

All drawing life, returning to the ground again;

Yet, beyond understanding, wisdom is given,

From One Cross comes many

Many times many from One Savior

Redeemer who reaps from all sowing

Harvesting when all work has been done,

Once a baby, a child, a young man, Israel's King

Now a  sharp sickle ready in the Sovereign Hand

Swung from Heaven's brightest cloud

When all good has been done.



       Christmas goodness to all who seek it.

            Gary and Carol 


The sharpest point of a sword-

A double-edged Sword of God's purposes

For heaven and earth, for you

The tip of Truth glows as the blade radiates Sovereign power

Divine Authority with each thrust or swipe,

Every word of a disciple spoken or written

Sharpest meaning in honor of our God!

A life of goodness accelerates

The promised race of faith for life and peace

In zealous fires of love that compel all God's children

To reach out in graciousness, kindness and gentleness

Like Him, to give generously from the faithful heart;

So many doors of hope suddenly open

Harvest revelations are mighty as great ocean waves

That powerfully clean the shorelines

Cleanse the beaches

Wash the endless grains of sand,

Many made pure and ready;

Numbers without count as stars wait their chance to shine

Hunger and thirst for purest Light

In a Living Word, in waters of Living Truth

Even those destined for Israel

As ancient Prophet Isaiah wrote, chosen for Zion,

Called into the precious closed circle of God's children

Separated from the world

Rescued from all evil;

One flash of Light from Messiah's blade

Shows the Glory to come-

Encouragement for a moment

Encouragement for a lifetime,

For all eternity in the wonders of a new heaven and a new earth!

Kingdom priests and ministers go forth in confidence

Courage in prayerful harvest tears

Carrying much good seed

And return just as is written with a greater harvest of love.

So much to do; so little time left,

The faithful Sword of the King cuts a wide path of Justice

Through all nations, islands of the seas;

His sons and daughters go forth in renewed zeal

As tireless warriors seek lost sheep, the lost souls

With Holy Spirit precision, sharp and true

Faithful and strong till the end.


            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com   


"Love never fails..."

Love always carries another close to the heart

Strong arms that embrace

A steadfast will in commitment,

Peace encloses behind and in front,

The hand of God upon you;

Nothing can distract or pull away

The body, soul and spirit anchored in solid Rock

Authority of the Holy Name of the Lord

Most secure in Godly refuge;

Forgiveness covers with freedom

Birds flock to seasonal homes far off

And freedom returns in more fearless, shameless love,

A peace settled forever within a strong Tower

Untouchable, high above this world.

As a glow from above descends

Goodness encloses another one chosen

Nothing can separate what God has joined together

Eternal fellowship of sacrificial love

The fragrance of Life poured out,

Never to be held back

Though a most fragile, delicate beauty.

Honest eyes look into the pure eyes of another

They take pleasure in what is sensed

Like in covenant marriage, the other always first

Freely offered continually

Lived out daily;

A "Kiss of Truth" often shared as minds are renewed

Hearts are enlightened

Wisdom from Heaven calms as the future waits in Hope,

Kindness in such brightness from Messiah

Grace that draws each closer,

Closer and nearer to You.



            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com  



He walks through a very large parking lot

A small child's hand held securely

Cars and people on the move, coming and going

So busy in this world of buying and selling;

Their car seems missing, swallowed whole

For a long moment the parked car feels lost in the vast expanse

Literally a sea of cars and pickups and SUV's!

Yet, we both look and look and look

Walk in the intense desert heat, sun so harsh and bright,

But we walk and look

Look and walk some more;

"Was it stolen?" runs anxiously for a  moment through my head

Yet, a highly polished Sword of Trust remains

An anchor of Living Hope established in strength over the years

Faith in the Lord of Trust, comfort in the faith given,

Our Sovereign God who holds my hand

As His child

In my own daily walk of a good search,

Seeking always to do His will

To keep in step with His Holy Spirit

Guided, controlled circumstances

Living Faith in my Living God,

More than a Shepherd to me

Lord of all, above all;

Every breath of my aging body,

Every heartbeat that throbs.

Finally, fresh laughter and a joke spoken in relief,

My car is seen tucked safely away

Sandwiched between two bigger machines on wheels

Both "gas guzzlers"!

Little grandson acts relieved,

So am I.





Countless others with expectations

As the trillions of stars beyond eye sight

Many so restless

In nations filled, struggling, tired and bored

Blown about by dry desert winds as sand,

They often stand alone in frustration

Stare at the setting sun

And wonder if it mirrors their own personal life;

Oh, the common human dilemma-

"Without God and without hope"

In this world of "Self" and fear and lust, pride and greed and confusion!

Yet, the fire of Israel's Messiah, His Holy Spirit zeal burns powerfully

A holy fire of Love

Peacefully tempered, displayed with greatest Wisdom from Heaven;

All footsteps divinely ordered

Even those many knowingly by their Lord of Truth.

Today a shout from Heaven shakes the Earth

And all that are on it-

Nothing by chance, luck a foolish notion;

There are no random circumstances!

Blazing eyes gaze within a Royal Robe of Compassion

Each soul seen as precious

Every human life of great value

"More than many sparrows",

The death of the wicked not a delight of the Lord

But met with sadness at the eternal loss;

Male and female, young and old

Rich and poor, near and far away

All longed for, yearned to draw closer to Kingdom reality.

Their cost greater than all gold

Their price more than all silver

Highly valued gems and diamond stones as gravel compared to what God has "spent"!

The God of Love moves always among us,

Angels of power as well

Disciples of the Master walk in faithfulness

Selfless men and women discerned as true

Who know the price of salvation

Who carry their cross daily;

The weight of eternity for mankind upon our Savior's shoulders

Carried daily for us all,

The billions seen or unseen far beyond digital screens

Each one with a flame of foreknowledge hanging over their heads;

We bow in prayerful honor

Seek only good, pray only for peace

Then pick up our Sword of Truth

With Holy Spirit power of Living Words

And wage a Holy War for this our lost generation!



            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com 


Each one of us

Eternal qualities

Eternal destiny,

Good seeds scattered by Noble Hands

Unique in time as flowers with rare scents

Unique in place and purpose

Every fruitful beauty within and about

Miraculously woven together as DNA blossoms

Mystical genetic designs with a heavenly breath

Made as a special creature of God

Singular patterns blended into singular earthly circumstances

Even new Holy Spirit creations in Messiah Yeshua!

Just as nations newly birthed

With tribes and languages

All splendid in appearance

Qualities unmatched in all the Earth

Special purposes for existence expressed artfully from above

In the greatest knowledge of the Lord of Creation,

Each nation, each land, each person

Held up in new light

While the sun rises

Growth and development in wonder

Until the majestic sun sets for the common rest;

New birth into new life

As vessels of highest honor

Meant for the One enthroned

A river of purifying fire that flows out

From beneath the Glory Throne,

Holy zeal consumes;

As countless new songs of beauty are heard

Music for the heart and soul of each one

Beauty of worship moves freely on the winds of power

Lifts the bodies and spirits of those who truly listen

Who can embrace spiritual pleasure, encouragement without end,

Nations as well meant to stand in harmony

In creative balance of oneness throughout the Earth

Each one giving their gifts freely to the other

Each one receiving with a thankful heart

And returning gifts multiplied

In perfect union, in perfect freedom together

All done in honor of our God of love and peace

Eternity set before His Throne as a crystal sea

Everyone and everything seen clearly with fire eyes of jeweled purity

The Ancient of Days before whom the Universe and each one of us will stand.





Immersed into life

The pure waters that flow from beneath the Throne,

After the shadow of life, a lost sheep spiritually dead

Washed clean, made new by Divine Hands;

The message from the wilderness of this world loud and clear

Words of the Living God for the desert barren earth-

New life offered the heart and soul,

Comfort for the body in transition proclaimed,

"Death to self, then rise again in Messiah"

Your spirit rebirth, washed clean in Sacred Blood;

"Repentance" the hardest choice ever-

Human nature finally overcome

Forever from wrong to right

From weak to strong, from darkness to Light

From falsehood to Truth, from impure to pure

Things to now experience beyond the human realm,

A change for good only God can bring!

In obedience John the Baptist showed the way

He helped make the rough road smooth, the crooked straight

Boldly, fearlessly pointed to the beginning path,

Then, God the Son came to do the work

And reveal the spiritual baptism of death into life,

To finish what only He could do!

The sun continues to move in the galaxy

The earth in our solar system,

Day becomes night

Night becomes another day

Majestic colors and patterns proclaimed in each reflected beauty,

The warmth of light and the heart of a young woman yearns

The heart of a man longs

And the finger of God touches,

A fountain of forgiveness rises in the new born spirits!

Hope of a future celebrated in another

Proclaimed and confirmed in public display,

And this one too becomes a friend of God

A new child of the coming "new heaven and earth"

When the New Jerusalem settles down from high above

And God literally comes to live with us,

His eternal people.





A. The Name that dances in the heavens

     The Name that walks the earth

     The One who moves the stars about

     The One who shades the sun

     His Voice of love moves in the wind

     The Voice now settled soft within.



     So I say-

     "My heart cries out

     My mouth sings free

     Such joy I have within,

     My lungs cry out

     My tongue sings free

     Such joy I have

     It just comes out!"


B. Worship Him in the morning time

     Praise Him all of the day

     With love He brings another new heart

     Rebirth so we can sing

     Happiness surrounds all my life

     The peace now settled deep within.


C. My heart dances everywhere

     Gladness with each new face

     To touch with Love and hold in Peace

     A precious heart and soul

     New Life comes down from high above 

     New Light to live, even today.



            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com


       *maybe sung with good friends, and maybe even with a Guinness...


Small things can become great

Tiny seeds that grow very large plants

Just as simple words of Truth spoken in love

Become wonders from above unimaginable,

Things in awe too great for the human mind

A mere man in his selfish pride

Also a woman in her chosen arrogance.

Treasure discovered in a new cultivated field

Becomes a plentiful harvest,

The Master Gardener sends out many workers

Yet, much more waits to be done;

One Holy Seed planted into the soil of Creation

Explodes as a starburst into majestic abundance,

The eyes of countless souls now glow from within

Kingdom joy reaped from what Messiah has sown,

More than the stars above

Given from this Faithful One, the Ruler of All,

Multiplied beyond mere numbers.




The mouth of an enlightened woman speaks in confidence

Words of eternal Peace shared with her brothers,

Clear understanding of spiritual things given in delight

Powerful knowledge of the Truth loved and celebrated together;

Heavenly wisdom worn fearlessly as pure white clothing,

Gracious sparkles always with jewels of revelation,

Daily at rest in victory

At complete rest in triumph;

Each new day Holy Words feasted upon as Bread from Heaven

Each new day Holy Words drank as Living Water,

All to prosper as one in trust before her God

Then to gather from His immaculate garden

Most beautiful, most delicate flowers

Exquisite colors and unique shapes,

Aromas of incense that captivate

In the essence of a prayerful moment in eternity

Now, with a radiant armful of Living Beauty

To set in worship before her King,

Our Lord of Hosts.



   * If anyone is interested in a homemade booklet of the "My Garden" series,

send a snail address and I'll simply send one.  Those who got the previous one,

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Whether spread across the Heavens

Or wrapped about the Earth

A rich blanket of Divine Peace settles

Most intimate hand woven tapestry of lovingkindness,

Powerful love that burns brighter than the sun,

A zealous fire in the eyes of our Maker!

From the pageantry of all Creation

To the genetic make-up of every human who walks His earth,

The words and thoughts and actions recorded for eternity,

Tenderness is felt toward each one;

Every emotion experienced

Each tear shed by a child,

Kindness offered while seeing the end from the beginning;

Knowledge of every fish and creature in the seas,

Understanding of all the birds of the air,

Sharpened perception of all the animals upon the earth,

Each and every life form, seen or unseen!

The breath taking beauty of angels

Also spread about His Heaven and Earth as brilliant stars above

Who also love and serve in gracious power and authority.  



          https://garybertnick.wordpress .com 


Adam and Eve wandered as one casually in divine pleasure

At peace and at rest

The garden wonder of what their eyes beheld

What all their senses feasted upon

They walked together as crowning beauty

To all the Lord had made,

Spiritual honor thrived

Always in a shared view from above

Passion of insights more than could be imagined

What the Artist of artists had made

Intricate details with endless paths of discovery

From smaller to larger, only to become more treasures

Energy wavelengths, seen and unseen

All sights and sounds, Spirit clarity,

Every touch and taste and smell

And the intimate gift of love joined  to each other,

Exquisite beauty and unmatched strength blended

Intuitive children of their Creator.

As new parents of all who follow,

Even vessels of kindness shown from the beginning

Patriarch and matriarch, hand in hand, heart within heart

For better or for worse, through good or evil;

All now walk through the same garden of mercy, true beauty to be revealed,

As sons and daughters of the Merciful One! 



        book- "Aaron and Nathaniel, Two Stories For God's Children"  


Tears for the lost

Memories of those who slipped by

"Women at the well" thought beyond reach;

A painful grip on this heart

What could have been

What should have happened,

But did not,

Oh merciful God, compassionate Lord

Who wants all to be saved

And none to be lost;

How often prayers seemed to be empty

Other things made footsteps heavy

But the battles are still fought

And the Spirit rises up afresh

The Redeemer always lives

Loving hands of redemption held out;

The heart is turned once again

Another in need of a holy embrace

Draws near

And then prayerfully draws even nearer,

Words are spoken in kindness

Tenderness penetrates the soul

Gentleness touches the human spirit

Love is shown to be pure

Truth becomes a sharp sword,

The old life is pierced

And the new life is given birth!

Eternal friendship has begun

Freely held out once more,

And another one walks through the narrow gate

Awe and wonder unfolds in most intimate revelation

The glow of a pearl about

A taste of Heaven rich in the mouth

Living water flows within as delight

Strength of will to believe is given

Then, belief in Messiah

Graciously becomes the "Gift of Faith"

And the discovery of eternal mysteries as God's treasures

Has begun for another "woman at the well"

Who takes the hand of Shepherd Yeshua at last!



          Gary Bertnick


Another cup of goodness poured out

As heavy weights made lighter

Branches that drink energy without bearing fruit

Are cut off!

What is practical and useful in meaning

What is committed in Truth to efficiency

Focused on the goals of the Holy Spirit

Clearly designed for this present purpose,

Fully engaged in what honestly works

In step, led easily in mature growth

Ready to carry a good load

Ready to bear lasting good fruit,

These stand favored, secure

Blessed from above in harvest

Blessed with new vibrant strength

New Kingdom qualities

Honor with power displayed

Everything working together as one

Character streamlined, efficient for ripened goodness

All majestic character qualities lifted very high above the world

In this chosen fruit, this abundance promised!



            New Book- "Aaron and Nathaniel, Two Stories For God's Children"



These weeds always near

Somehow sprout up

Never planted, but always there;

Diligence reaches out

Perseverance pulls them out by the roots

Endurance tosses them onto the trash pile

New strength burns them with "Holy Fire":

Weeds as dark, pesky spirit flies

Or gnats that seek to ruin

Spoil at any picnic,

Like deer flies that annoy at the lake!

The garden is finally cleansed,

Daily the garden is watched over

Guarded carefully

Alert eyes and quickened hands,

Nothing impure is sprinkled about or sprayed,

And the garden is kept truly clean!

Only what really belongs is left

What does not belong is tossed out

And remains far outside,

Gone from what the heart of the true gardener embraces.



    book- "Aaron and Nathaniel, Two Stories For God's Children"

           available on


The soil is worked by invisible hands

A heart prepared in precise details

Circumstances foreknown

Circumstances predestined

Seemingly endless contingencies for good

As divine arrows strike each target

Angelic powers and authority delegated,

Each person chosen even before understanding

Before birth, before any choices taken;

Optimum conditions on the outside

In spite of things that change on the outside.

Truth nourishes with honesty

New fertilizers clean and pure

As the natural experiences become supernatural,

Heavenly treasures that blend into the earth

And are discovered, 

Like beautiful oak trees that sprout up

Tower high, reach out wide

Certainly a planting of the Master Gardener

Who works from above

As Royal Sovereignty is revealed below.



          book- "Aaron and Nathaniel, Two Stories For God's Children" available

                 on Amazon .com ...


The joy of planting good seeds

As Truth spoken in love,

Truth in times "as a kiss on the lips".

Much delight in expectations

Such pleasure in practical purposes,

Hope wrapped about in love for another;

This seed placed in special nourished soil

Growth already seen in Spirit visions,

A glimpse or two of the end from the beginning

Healthy wheat, healthy corn

Healthy grains and beautiful fruit!

So many from just One

A new life birthed given freely for others

Even as the early Apostles

And the many disciples with purest loyalty

Rough hands, strong hands often covered with dirt,

Faithful human spirits at work in the richest soil;

Harvest done always in honor of the Master Gardener,

Today the only fulfilling delight we can know!



          Gary Bertnick


       (book-Aaron and Nathaniel, Two Stories For God's Children- available on

MY  GARDEN-  1/10:



He waters in peacefulness

Glad servant of the Master Gardener

Encouragement given that flows daily

Within, then without;

The ground about is often dry

The ground is hard again

Sun so harsh, withering all life,

But this one walks His chosen path

From plant to plant

Up and down each row

Around each bed

Even scattered plants in the fields as well.

At times tears mix with the water,

These plants cared for, tenderly day after day

Many days that go on for years

And yet, little fruit on the stem,

No lasting fruit on the vine!

Tireless prayers are spoken from the heart without ceasing

Then, "Mercy and Love" says to water them one more time;

So he steadfastly waters on

Led by the Master's strength

Led by the Master's Spirit of Love!


            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com