When fear breathes down our necks

Icy hand grips the child's mind,

Even friends and family turn to betray;

Poverty of hunger and thirst stalks this fallen land

Faith in God,

Belief in the Holy Words

Tested beyond imagined human strength.

Cries and tears of endurance

Forced on the faces of many "Jobs", rise up,

Perseverance of Elijah in this cold, harsh place.

Police state, fascist perversion,

Many slave prison camps spring up as poison mushrooms;

Heaven as hard as the new scorched desert earth.

Yet, we run into the arms of our Father,

Small the Shepherd's gate, narrow the road

Chosen Cross of Messiah, the cup we now fully drink.


The patience that comes from God

A steadfast gift, eternal reward

In an enduring Presence within of the Most High,

A quality of life that only matures

Grows in knowledge more deeply within your spirit,

A fountain of wisdom that bubbles joyfully about

Confidently along each of our unique paths.

We grow stronger while waiting

Love grows wider and deeper and longer,

The good seed planted n tender love

Swells and grows

Bursts up through the earth

A sprout unknown, unseen before,

The Seed Planter looks with satisfaction

Moves about in loving trust of the greatest harvest plan;

The proven ancient practice of the Master Gardener,

From the beginning fruitful in His work

As He walks the fields, gazes at the many rows

Plants graciously sway in the breeze

Continue daily to grow

To mature in all ways

Prepared for the joyful harvest

Waited on, for so long!

Yes, time is lost in enthusiasm

A happiness in wonderful blessings

Good pleasures celebrated

When "soon" spoken of so often

Becomes the "now"

Seen in faith from the beginning;

The great freedom experienced

On your knees before the Lord of Heaven and Earth

Bowing in worship to our King of Beauty.

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Each day is a true adventure in a walk of trust

Child-like enthusiasm refreshed

New Spirit excitement daily confirmed

In the prayer filled journey Home

The spiritual walk of a new child of Heaven

A boy or a girl who grows into each sunrise

Confidence clothed throughout

Satisfied smiles meet each and every sunset;

Whether freshly baked bread in hand

Or a few crumbs left scattered on the ground,

Steadfast love in footsteps always move forward

As ready encouragement always holds the hand.

While we press on, press on to the majestic goal

Living Hope more than fills the heart

That grows even stronger along our own unique paths

Colored by many scented flowers

Some that become fruit,

Trees as well as others for comforting shade as a needed pause,

A rest to gather strength, to offer praise;

At times eyes close

And clear heavenly visions dance through the heart and mind,

Dreams also of beauty in richest fulfillment

Even as the Lord Messiah's road grows more narrow for us all.

Then, the Shepherd's staff can be seen

Healing oil anoints the spirit and soul

Holy oil upon the body hands and feet,

All that you do and everywhere you go Spirit led

Every person met, circumstances artfully woven

Into a tapestry of  lasting beauty,

The small Kingdom Gate from long ago

Has become a giant, great pearl that glows off in the distance,

Gemstones in brilliance also seen in foundations ahead!

The Daughters of Zion, of Jerusalem are never alone

Many other men and women out in front

Many more brothers trail behind,

All these chosen and called to follow,

Right in step with the Shepherd's walk before them,

A faithful walk of true adventure, a walk of timeless love and peace

A walk of wisdom and knowledge, a faithful walk in the Spirit of Truth,

Our Shepherd's walk of sons and daughters led by our Lord Yeshua.

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Who but God can measure the tears shed for her

Even Messiah Yeshua's tears,

Who but the Lord alone has measured, placed on His scale

All her heartaches and pain,

Caught up in a moment wrapped in eternity;

The Throne of Justice seated

Ancient of Days, Lord of Creation

With His pure judgment as a clear river of fire

Clean flow of righteousness from before his Throne

The constant desire for objects of mercy to stand free,

A people clothed, anointed with fragrant oils of Divine favor,

Tribe of Judah often as the tree planted by streams of water

Most favored sons and daughters in the barren desert of mankind-

The rough moonscape of pride and arrogance

Where foolish "self" rules,

Selfishness played as with any common puppet

By the "dark master" of control,

The destroyer, who struts about the earth in arrogance

Seemingly no limit to evil powers manipulated.

A colored leaf falls at last from an old grape vine with deep roots;

Yeshua looked and wept

A city, His City, His Jerusalem, City of David

Universal destiny alone in His Sovereignty,

Tears for Lazarus and his sisters, and those who mourned, the same;

All mankind held in the balance of His will and purpose!

The creek near our house grows narrower, dry ground closes in,

All as my own body grows older,

More weary, slowly worn out and weakened by this earth, this world,

Conflict and discord, an orgy of deceit

Vanity complete as King Solomon explained;

But then Jerusalem rises again

Above the utter waste, expanse of the world

Human trails of casualties far off into every horizon,

While hearts are not touched with comfort where human effort reigns;

Shifting sand all about, a Rock foundation so hard to find,

Houses topple in the constant storms, to the right and left

Desperate souls cry out - "Is the door already shut!"

A sea of lies rises slowly, in an attempt to drown his beautiful creation;

But the Holy Spirit vision is already given out

More than carved on rock tablets but on hearts,

Foreknowledge to Apostle John spread far and wide throughout the Earth

Powerful Book of Revelation,

Prophecies of Zechariah, also lived out now before our eyes!


A peaceful walk through the many fields of abundance in this life

Rare beauty easily seen woven into such intrigue of mystery

Flowers and butteflies

Men and women and children, ourselves;

A hummingbird sips on a backyard feeder one cold and frosty morning

The eyes watch, the heart tugs at purpose and deepest meaning

Yet, the body, the mind in the world pulls away

Lets go of these precious moments when we marvel,

Stand in awe as children, child-like once more

While hands of trust take hold of what draws us near,

Riches the world cannot offer

True wealth hidden, ready to be sown,

A gift that patiently waits

Quietly as early morning dew

Sparkles of jewels, silver and gold upon the earthly grasses;

Even time stands still

Then steps aside for the greater reality of a jeweled crown

A kiss of Heaven's Truth sweet upon the lips

Upon the spirit and the scars of this life,

Beauty that lasts, drapes as a delicate robe about the shoulders,

Heavenly clothing simply unmatched.

But those relentless voices shout and cry out

To envy the famed stars, and rich of the world

To desire the focus and wealth of the few

Who stand alone in pride, and often with fear

Who parade appetites that widen and lengthen

Until the earth is drowned once more,

And all spirit sensitivity is forever lost!

Social media bombards with the base need for gratification

Our voice of ego that others will hear,

Also our image to be seen for a moment.

But many have discovered the humble path

These who choose to drink from a most gracious cup

Living Water given freely,

Wisdom showers down and rests within the heart

The sharpest swords flash with brilliance

The words of every prayer are heard, and answered;

Men and women who seek more than gold

Who search for true love, lasting beauty in strength

Are in righteous embrace of the greatest gift of Emmanuel,

Revelation of His Peace, His Spirit

God's timeless present, gift to all who will unwrap it,

Who ask, who seek and who knock on His door.


What our eyes look at

On the Earth

In the sky

along a river bank

Near a lake small  or large

At the shoreline of a great ocean;

Yet, they often close and look within

To behold the mystery of who we are

Who we really will become,

And what we already have become,

What is near

What is beyond our reach!

Courage, and understanding inner needs

What we cannot satisfy ourselves,

The soul and will must reach out beyond mere sight

Away from the daily races

The coming and going in this world

And its consuming ways;

Ah the beauty of a flower held

Colors and shapes, scent of fragrances

Useful purposes,

Even the fruit from nearby trees or vines or berry bushes,

As we look do we truly see

In something created

The dust from heavenly touches,

Work of the only true Creator

Who alone can make something new!

Even we have wondered, and wandered aimlessly lost at times

Without fulfillment, without understanding of lasting satisfaction;

But now we can hold a fruit in hand

Taste it and truly see

Perceive as one of God's creations

Newly born

Newly given Spirit Life

One of His own

Made new for Him!

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On my knees in prayer

As the heart bows with reverent humility,

Images of the Lord of Lords

Inner eyes and thoughts fixed on Him alone,

The King of Kings;

The Captain of Heaven's armies

Our Savior on a noble horse of splendid white

Powerful muscles sculpted for speed and strength

Eyes piercing, nose snorting fire and smoke.

The Lord of Hosts tightly clutches a glowing Sword of the Spirit

Radiance in brilliance of Truth and absolute power

Zeal carries the double-edge Word of God

For life or for death, for Heaven or for hell

Eternity in the Holy Presence or in the Lake of Fire!

Clothed in robes of Sovereign Power

Our only Redeemer

Messiah with eyes of jeweled fire in blinding radiance

Waits for the exact moment,

As written, "The armies of Heaven follow Him."

"Har Megiddo", all the rebel forces have gathered

An orgy of darkness, vicious and ruthless fighters without number

Deceived, manipulated and controlled,

Consumed by false images of invading aliens from beyond the earth

Bad aliens that seek only to destroy them

And their allied "good"outer space legions;

The leaders of darkness stand tall

Strong and invincible in their own eyes,

Forces of raw evil against any and all true good.

The Lord of Heaven leads the charge

Trumpets blare, a Lion roars

A surge of light greater than the greatest comet across the sky.

All weapons neutralized as children's toys, fall silent and dead

The Sword of the sharpest Truth of the Holy Spirit reigns supreme,

Precisely pointed, perfectly aimed, targeted with ease!

Millions of birds of prey and scavengers alike

Gather from the surrounding nations

Brought forth on the great winds

Made ready to pick all of the bones clean;

In an instant the two towers of evil lying beasts

Are plucked as feathers from a dead chicken

And thrown headlong into the Lake of Fire,

The place of eternal justice for all of Satan's willing slaves.

Before the countless evil soldiers fall to the ground

The fiercest birds are on them

To strip flesh from their skulls,

Beaks and claws dig deeply into eye sockets.

With battlefields swept clean

The triumphant journey up to Jerusalem continues

In the victory of Holiness

The only Way of God's Truth and Justice

For His people, His City and His Creation.

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Child of the "father of lies"

Corrupted from before birth,

Even once thought dead

Yet, chosen to lay a seductive blanket of deceit over a willing world;

Much as a very bright falling star crashed to the ground

Destined for eternal torment prepared,

Like a bed of justice.

A lake of burning sulfur where self and everything corrupt,

Naked darkness clothed only in lies

Falsehood that parades about as a new enlightened truth,

Every last bit of evil human nature, huge swarms of fallen angels,

All such languish forever on their beds of suffering,

So eagerly, so naturally chosen.

The world of nations descends in orchestrated turmoil

Swept up in poverty of body and soul

Desperate for comfort, any comfort, any refuge,

Doors to households and entire countries thrown wide open

Hearts and minds cling, cleave in twisted delight

To what forcefully devours from within,

Consumes the soul

And then destroys the spirit.

The lawless ones strut in arrogance

Proud words flow out in sublime smooth intellect,

Satan pulls many puppet strings,

More persuasive, entangling words pour forth,

In time nations and languages bow in reverent submission

Fear and greed and pride in wickedness

Religions all turn,celebrate a perverse world rebirth,

Human effort always the ready slave.

The few who resist, driven out, flee to another place

Some chased down by a destroyer's hand

While many times "7000" remain protected in Messiah,

Israel, true Jewish-Christian remnant!

A kingdom of ten authorities as Prophet Daniel wrote long ago,

Ten now folded into one Beast Kingdom, with days numbered;

All the human machinery, digital technology of earthly power and control

Bowed before pulsing demonic darkness pretending as light

The Beast idol even poised in the rebuilt, Jerusalem Temple!  

Mighty Lucifer, master of deceit, lord of everything unclean

And his "Lawless One", possessed vessel, tool of destruction

And the consuming religious controller at his side

All destined for judgment in the eternal "Lake of Fire".



The weight of the days hangs heavy

Stress, problems and difficulties

People, family and circumstances,

Body health in an aging world

Food and drink

Fresh air and exercise and a clear mind

Rising and sitting

Going forth and returning;

Often true rest is hard to grasp,

Even while a small bird searches for a nest

As the branches of the tree sway and shift in the wind,

Often with merciless gusts.

But favor rests upon God's chosen ones

As objects of His great mercy kindness reigns supreme

Like a desert rain that spreads beautiful blossoms about

Confidence as blooms that intensify delight;

Trust and assurance rise even in the face of persecution,

Deeper trust in the face of forced poverty,

Hope unshakeable in the cold, hard presence of suffering.

Yet, new branches are continually grafted into a mighty tree

Roots run down wide and very deep

Anchored in the heart of God,

Our Messiah who walked the Earth

Who drank the whole cup of redemption

And now seeks his remnant Israel,

Who reached arms wide for the Gentile world

That all nations would seek His peace,

Would seek and find Him!

Heavenly winds of the Holy Spirit

Move powerfully over the many fields of grains,

The earth trembles, shakes and mountains melt at the Holy Voice

As the Name above all is spoken,

Living Words by angels and Christians who listen and obey;

Deserts will flow with mighty streams, crystal clean waters in abundance.

Many cities of concrete, steel and glass abandoned in ruin

True spirit refuge will be sought by many,

And the glowing remnant of true believers

Will daily taste and see their salvation!

As their Savior stands triumphant above all the Earth,

Our victory rests in His victory,

And will soon shine brightly with a Light beyond the sun and moon,

Over all the world

From His Israel, from His Jerusalem.

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 He stands by a windowt

Face very close

As he wonders

Looks intensely at the new morning sky

And quietly wonders.

Much work to be done

Yet, the workers wait;

Harvest fields seem ripe in the morning sunlight

Yet, this kingdom worker stands and waits,

And wonders.

He could walk the distance now to the horizon far off

Hills that define,

But would he really?

The heart bows in faithful submission

Eyes and heart in prayer

Many words in the Spirit spoken

While on his knees even a few tears of surrender;

The Lord has a plan

Truly only what can work,

What will prepare and till the soil

Ready it for good seeds planted

Other good sprouted seedlings to water

All done at the right time in the right place

Optimum things done only by the God of Perfection

Who calls us to be perfect,

Like His Son

Like the Shepherd our Lord and King.

This window will become a door

The horizon will be as sunlight about our feet,

My feet as another disciple, a servant obeys the Spirit of Love

The true Spirit of everlasting freedom

His children who wade deeply into the river of healing with streams

That flows from beneath the Temple Throne.


The purest kiss of Truth

Upon the heart and soul,

An everlasting gift from our God

The Lover of our spirit, soul and body

Poured out in kindness upon us

Poured out in mercy upon the Earth

For a thousand generations, and more;

The clear path of redemption revealed

A trail that leads from Adam and Eve on

Through Seth, through Enoch

Through Noah and Shem

Through Abraham and Sarah

Isaac and Rebecca

Jacob and Rachel and Leah,

With Zilpah and Bilhah;

Most treasured history held by modern Israel!

This jeweled legacy woven into fine fabrics of sacred heritage

Through Moses and Joshua

The Twelve Tribes joined as one

All carried in the arms of Divine Love,

A nation of mercy displayed, favor given,

A people always held close to the Lord of All;

Covenant peace, covenant prosperity established

In Messiah's inheritance.

Even as "today" unfolds before our eyes

Things destined from the beginning,

Loving kindness perseveres while justice endures  

From the very Heart of forgiveness;

Long suffering is comforted by the Throne in Heaven,

The endless struggle of good versus evil

Human effort struggles until Divine intervention triumphs,

Prophetic words in a world, in a nation

Revelation given through a man or a woman.

Redemption long ago became a finished plan

Worked out in diligence of a Holy Sacrifice;

Judgment, justice also in the "lake of fire" for Lucifer

His many angels as well as humans who choose rebellion,

Enemies against the Holy Kingdom.

Yeshua Messiah's eternal reign of Truth and Beauty

Covers us by the Majestic temple of love and peace!

The end will come

With a new beginning,

As dramatic sunlight on the distant horizon

The new sun "rises with healing in its wings"

Like new life bathed in kisses upon a newborn child

Miriam and Joseph in marvelous delight,

Truth in Messiah's Way of Life

Always triumphs through God,

Victory of purest kisses of love never to end!

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The essence of our being

Purpose for life

Meaning for our very existence

All the answers to questions of infinity

Illusive perfection tasted 

Yet,the Universe seen in a grain of sand;

The reasons for love and hate

What true beauty is or is not,

Like a drop of water from the oceans

Falls upon the face of a small child at play

Even as hands cup the entire span of all seas and lakes and oceans

With a single spoken Word of their Creator;

He sits on His Throne

A pool of crystal water bath off to the side

All creation seen at a glance in its simple span and depth 

From the movements of the largest whales of the seas 

To a newborn heart beating in the womb of a new mother

Life simply created

While many others come to a final end;

Each breath and each heartbeat

Fish and birds and plants, everything called animal

Tiny things of bacteria, viruses and biochemistry invisible to the human eye,

Trillions of stars above and beyond

Lost to all vision and true understanding as well.

The conflict of the human will

Struggle between darkness and Light, evil and good

Angelic powers and a kingdom in rebellion;

And the God of Love who sits on His Throne

The Lord Redeemer at His side,

Revelation by the Spirit of God alone as a smile upon a soul,

Wisdom and knowledge as greatest treasures discovered in mercy revealed

Truth that is Life

Love that is power to overcome the world

Peace given that is victory over fallen human nature

The Way of freedom in triumph hand in hand with a humble Shepherd;

Life in its essence is made known

To any and all with open hearts

Willing to bow in reverence 

Before the unsearchable Greatness

All the mysteries of our being

Wrapped in trust and faith

Hope that glows in peace within

A precious jewel of wisdom given to the heart and soul

Soon to become a crown upon each head,

Soon to be seen in our Savior's eyes.


Living hope gives eternal eyes

As knowledge grows,

The soul knows more

Seated in the Holy Spirit near Messiah's Throne

And then bowed in worship before our High Priest;

The human spirit now sees much clearer

Daily, prayerfully a little more so,

The heart easily embraces others

In words and deeds, and prayers of love.

Praise is zealously offered

Always honor in worship of our Holy Father,

And our Glorious Anointed One

The Son Most High,

The Lord of Hosts.

A new life is seen, freely given

To all who choose it

Freedom with silver Spirit wings to fly

Golden streaks of lightning from cloud to heavenly cloud

Caught up majestically in a heart that soars very high

And very far above the world;

A secret place of sensitivity to most delicate blossoms

Intricate colors and shapes

Precious perfumed fragrances that sharpen and season,

All in fruitful delight with tenderness and gentleness given;

Compassionate love in a powerful Voice soon spoken

Thunders throughout heaven and earth

Opens the splendid Door to eternal fellowship in friendship,

And more than friendship in oneness

Joined with the Most Powerful One,

As sons and daughters

Children of God before the Author of Life

Who formed us in the womb

Whose "eyes beheld our unformed substance", 

Who knows each of us before birth;

Authority of this Holy One

The seal of victory from His Throne

Now adorned as a crown of triumph

Upon our foreheads,

Upon our heads.



He stands in new strength and walks by faith

Compelled by Heaven's Holy Spirit love

Forever steadfast along the only true Way

His Shepherd's most narrow path for Life

Walked long ago by the One who revealed the Way, His Way;

Common feelings come, human feelings go

Yet "perfection" somehow calls, draws from within

Though the body seems frail and weak

Silver threads of the "Silver Cord" remains strong

Even from the first birth with Heaven's touch.

In spite of all, I still hear the merciful Spirit Voice

He calls to my inner gift of faith-

"Press on!  Press on!  Take hold of your destiny."

And daily I do...

Many others follow nearby, they too hear the words spoken

Read the honest encouragements written

And continue their unique path of faith in Truth.

The world and those who love it first, scoff and mock

Roaring streams from blind, intellectual cynics,

More pours out from stubborn rebels

While pride and arrogance adorn the foolish hearts of others;

But their loud sounds and crude noise fall empty to the ground.

My humble prayers offered for the few are answered,

Those who will embrace good change one day

Plucked from the fire, saved from the "second death",

Ones who repent and fall to their knees

After sudden waves of Heaven's revelations

Just like gracious Paul, Thomas, Peter and many others,

Emerald rainbows will encircle them like James and John

And even remnant modern Israel!

Eyes formed by the Maker will see enlightenment

Ears made by the Creator will hear with understanding

And new Light will glow from within their being as well;

All who love the Way more than the world

All who love the Truth more than themselves

All who love the Life more than a selfish nature

All who love their Savior, their Lord more than their own life.


Your eyes will see Him,

The beauty of your own eyes will come fully alive

As you behold the Majesty of the Holy One

The Fire of Glory in His eyes

As the King, the Ruler of Creation looks upon you in purest love;

A trumpet sounds and time joyfully disappears

In the "blink of an eye"

While Zion's Light floods outwards the Eternal Presence,

The Light of Truth within clouds of the redeemed clothed in whitest robes

Their new beauty rises above creation bathed in songs of jubilation

Guided by the Holy Spirit and by many radiant angels

Into the Eternal Place

Heaven of Splendor, the Beauty of our King!

Glowing angels of worship surround in magnificence

The countless men and women together in triumphant praise, endless celebration,

To stand before our Lord in worship

To see and hear our High Priest

Who is One in splendid Majesty with His Father of Glory,

Our Father in Heaven

Greatness forever unsearchable!


Mysteries of the Spirit Kingdom

Revealed, made clearly know to us

Shown in an unending journey of Peace,

Messiah's Life freely shared

Given delightfully to any descendant of Adam and Eve,

All true children of Abraham, the father of our faith;

Now anointed servants walk the Shepherd's path

The Way of Truth in Life,

Spiritual rebirth only the beginning!

The personal awakening from common death into Holy Spirit enlightenment,

The impossible bridge made possible by Yeshua's Cross;

To begin to know Him is to begin to know Life itself

To drink the cup, to experience daily the Cross, separated and sanctified

Eternal Life through the Eternal One;

The lasting joy of suddenly crossing over radiates inner Light

Though once asleep, now awake and growing in Divine knowledge

Once snared in a deadly slumber, controlled by Satan's darkness

Then, delivered by greater redemptive power!

Love truly covers all transgressions

Love conquered death itself, the rotten fruit of hatred,

In Messiah's triumphant Resurrection

Celebrating forever God's new creation in humanity

One day soon followed literally by a "New heaven and a new earth"!


Every detail

Every person

Every man and every woman

Each child from the very beginning

Nothing or no one forgotten,

No one left untouched, forgotten or left behind!

The Earth moves constantly in various ways

Except for a historic moment here and there

For chosen Israel's sake;

Even the Solar System as a whole in motion

Within a dynamic galaxy,

But only one of billions upon billions,

Yet, each "star numbered and given a name"!

A man looks above from his own heart and mind

And the abstract blends with his fantasy;

Reality for most is basically subjective, one day, one moment at a time,

People though in constant motion

In vehicles, by foot, in thoughts

On the water, in the air, on the land;

But, Divine "objects of mercy" at rest are a chosen few,

Only those willing to believe in Yeshua

And receive His Holy Spirit gifts

Given precisely, objectively in greatest, purest refined details!


Passion for life

For Truth in lIfe

Messiah's Way

Guided daily by our only Shepherd!

To walk and live a life of love

Peace deeply settled within and at rest,

Hope Rock Solid in "I AM",

Faithfulness in a creative life the spiritual food we eat,

The clean water we drink flavored with His joy,

Bread and Wine in Holy Spirit purity

Inner knowledge that is real Life bursts outwards,

Seeds of victory constantly sown

Sprouting into harvest arms of triumph often

In all types of circumstances and times

With family, with neighbors and friends

With many strangers and even our deceived, manipulated enemies;

Zeal the passion of our Lord we share

Fervor expressed in honor to our Father

With glory to His Name

His favor a continual celebration! 


To always believe

Though surrounded in an atmosphere of doubt,

Truth always more powerful

And gripping the heart with Divine strength,

The mind battles for pure and clean honest thoughts

While the winds of deceit and perversion move constantly about,

Sometimes in a roar

Sometimes in a whisper

The war on the mind rages forth!

Holy Words always a much sharper sword

Common thoughts in daily languages fall to the ground

As Scripture quoted and meditated upon surges steadfastly forward

From the very beginning the "Evil One" was crushed beneath the omnipotent heal,

Prophetic Words long ago fulfilled!

Authority of the Name above all written on our foreheads

More than tablets, inscribed on our hearts;

Inner knowledge has already surpassed simple belief

As faith in Messiah's power grows and matures in deepening Peace

Love reaches out with broader, longer touches in tenderness

Caring as our Shepherd, rich kindness and gentleness flow,

Wisdom rises within, wings of brilliance

As we begin to see as He sees;

Belief in Yeshua as an early seed

Has already grown more than expected,

More than even prayed for!


The most intricate balance of FAMILY,

Each one connected to the others in love's scale of importance

The others all connected to the one the same

Joined together

Dependent on one another

For well-being of the body, soul and spirit!

The greatest example shown being the Body of Messiah, 

All true believers in the Church,

Covenant responsibility compelled by love in faithfulness,

Oneness elevated to such new and majestic heights!

The inner Light of one person reflects to another, and to another

Goodness shared and magnified

Messiah's triumphant character celebrated in worship, 

Encouragement flows from one to another

Even as hands are held in a song

And in prayers;

When one falls, another reaches out and helps up,

True covenant commitment and responsibility!

Parents and children the most intricate, excellent balance

Each one vital to all the others

Whether spoken or shown,

Each one prized in great value of personal needs!

Tears of a new birth flow in joy;

Tears of loss flow in anguish and deep sorrow.