October 10, 2013

This morning I am grateful for my body awareness and learning to listen to what it is telling me (like  last night -- sleep). I am grateful for the ability to recognize and release feelings and then celebrate them being gone. I am grateful for the way spirit is guiding my life and what I learned about myself, Reiki, crystals, and stones yesterday. I am grateful for the amazing birthday lunch we were able to throw together for my friend Maryanna yesterday (healthy soul food -- collard greens, "mac" and cheese (made with cauliflower) and "fried" chicken which was uber crispy and baked in the oven). I am grateful for how Barb, Sam, Zoe and I function as a family and how we all help each other out. If our house was bigger, we could all have our own space and I could see this working, but I am going to give thanks for the larger home which would become an intentional community