Integrity and Integration

I woke up this morning with this epiphany I had to share with a friend. The funny thing is my epiphanies tend to be things I knew at some level, but then rise to the top of my consciousness. This is what I remembered this morning about truth. We are to be about truth. We are to be about speaking from a place of truth. Not just our truth, but THE truth. Sometimes we might like to say we are the sole possessors of the truth, but like so many others, we are on a journey, which is constantly revealing new understandings and new insights about THE truth. Everyone, even those we do not necessarily agree with can have an insight into truth we do not have. What is important is that we always conduct our search for truth guided by the principles of love

As we conduct our search, we may find ourselves living with greater and more conscious levels of integrity. Integrity is about wholeness and authenticity. It is about integrating all we know and all we believe. Being about truth is about integrating all the spiritual values of the Universe into who we are as spiritual beings. The more we are able to integrate these values into every aspect of our life, the more we are able to live with integrity. 

Coming to that place of integrity with the soul is not always easy. A journey which evolves and transforms as we evolve and transform. As we study the wisdoms of the spiritual teachers who have come before us, we grow in our understanding of the Universal truths, which run across spiritual practices and faith traditions. 

A few weeks ago, one of the readers of my blog What are you aligned with? suggested I look at a link discussing two models of being in the world: partnership and domination. As I looked over this chart, it confirmed for me that the presence of certain qualities in our life lead us into partnership and wholeness with each other and their absence segregates us and leads us into domination and competition with each other. These spiritual values are compassion, humility, justice, courage, humanity, empowerment, honesty, holism, concern for the broader good, responsibility and excellence.

It is harder to work in partnership with others when we have not yet learned to live integrate these qualities into our way of being in the world. Moving through this spiritual journey is about living with a greater level of integrity, with a greater sense of wholeness. It is about moving to a space where we have integrated the personal and the spiritual, the theological and the reality, the secular and the sacred. As we move into a space of greater integrity with our soul, we may experience enhanced feeling of peace, joy, and happiness because we are one with the Spirit and the teachings of the Universe.