Be a Leap Frog

When I taught Sunday School to youth, which now seeks multiple reiterations of my life ago, I talked with the children about being a FROG. This was an acronym for being Fully Reliant On God. So often, even as adults, we need to be reminded of the need to be receptive each moment to our connection to the Divine. Amazing things happen in our lives when we stay Fully Reliant on the Divine/God/Higher Power.

As a child, we used to play Leap Frog. Sometimes we would leap forward in baby leaps. Sometimes we would leap forward in big leaps. Sometimes we chose not to leap. Life is like playing leap frog. As you think about your life, where you are and where you want to be, you have the power to leap in whatever direction you need to, in order to arrive at your destination. The only rule in this game is to remember you never run out of opportunities to leap forward in your evolution. Leaping forward does not necessarily mean in the same direction; it can mean in a completely different direction. Taking those leaps is an act of faith. It is about actively choosing to leap to the next level of spiritual evolution and transformation in our lives.

With each leap, we jump out of dependence on ourselves and into a greater intimacy with the Divine. It is through this relationship that we find ourselves leaping farther then we might have been able to leap on our own. When we leap out of our human imposed limitations, we leap into the boundless opportunities, which are present for us.

Sometimes the games and lessons we learn as children come in handy as adults. We can remember to look for the red lights and the green lights in our spiritual journeys. We can take baby steps and giant steps. We can be a leap frog, leaping forward fully reliant on our relationship with the Divine in an ongoing and ever evolving journey of spiritual evolution and transformation. So just for today, be a leap frog.