There are those moments in time which stay with you and inspire you throughout your life. One of those moments for me was the day I first heard the song Testify to Love by Avalon. I was watching an episode of Touched by an Angel about a young boy who was dying and his last wish was that his mom would finish a song she had started writing. She finished the night he died. The lyrics to this song always remind me of the importance of giving thanks for all the goodness in our loves. Whether it is, as the song says, the colors of the rainbow, the voices of the wind, or the simple acts of mercy, it is important to give thanks.

As we grow and evolve and become aware of the goodness that is happening in our lives, it is important to talk about it, to testify about what is happening in your life. Sometimes one may not feel comfortable talking about the abundance of blessings in their life when they are around people who have not experienced this same increasing abundance and goodness. What you are experiencing in your life is because something in you has evolved and transformed. Testify about that! What you are experiencing is because at some point you chose to love yourself, nurture yourself, and feed yourself.  Honor the choices you made and the goodness that has happened as a result of it. Testify about the differences the changes have made in your life.

If you are experiencing that abundance and goodness in your life, then testify about what helped you to transform. Tell your story about the ways the Infinite has worked with you and through you and shines through you. Others can see that something is going on in you. People can see when the energy is flowing through you and shining through you such radiance. They may be watching you and wondering what is happening in your life that has brought about such amazing peace. Testify!

At some point in your journey, you reached out to find where love begins and in doing so you developed a deeper relationship with yourself, with the Infinite, and with every corner of creation. So starting today, do not feel the need to apologize for feeling blessed and abundant. Testify about what is happening in your life.