It’s repo time!

The other day I saw some commercial about these people who repossess things for a living. While I am sure that some people enjoy spending time watching other people’s stuff be repossessed, I am certain I will never watch it. However, as I was sorting through my feelings about the whole repo industry, I came to the understanding that at various times in my life I had allowed some things, which had been of value to me, to be repossessed. I am not talking about cars or any other material possession, but my self-love, self-esteem, appreciation of self, inner dignity, potential, and some other amazing qualities and gifts.

It was as if when the repo force took them I was left with a negative attitude, a need to complain, and a lack of appreciation for who I was and what I had. At some point in my journey, I came to the realization I was the biggest obstacle between my greatness and myself. If I wanted to evolve and grow, then I had to repossess that which I had allowed to be repossessed.

As one begins to repossess their inner beauty, uniqueness, and gifts, we begin to open up to how great we are. We begin to appreciate that which we were brought into this world with and to be. We begin to see how much inner beauty dwells within in and flows through us. We begin to walk with a greater sense of dignity in our lives because we have repossessed that which we never should have given away. Our light and spirit shine brighter because we are walking in the fullness of our potential and our purpose.

When we repossess our Divine qualities and our authentic self, then we can begin to walk in the fullness of our greatness and potential. It is time for you to walk in your greatness, so get in the repo mood, and take back that which you should never have given away.