What are you distributing?

A friend of mine was recently talking about the foods available at her local food bank. In every community, there is a food bank where people can receive food to sustain themselves and their family. However, at the same time, each of us in our own ways is a distribution center, a spiritual food bank of sorts. The question is what is on your shelves. We each have gifts, talents, skills, and the capacity to be kind and compassionate, however, where are they. Are they in your private stash for personal consumption or on the shelves of your spiritual distribution center?

If your shelves are stocked with your gifts, talents and skills, it is also important to think about what your intent is in making them available. Are they there so you can feel better about yourself and what you are doing in this world, or are they there simply for the joy of contributing goodness to the planet? Are you giving from your heart with no expectation of return or are you doing so with the expectation of others being grateful for your generosity?

A friend of mine always says we reap what we sow. When we cast our gifts into the universe with no obligations or expectations, we open ourselves up to the gifts other have cast into the universe. We do not reap them because we sowed; we reap them because others sowed knowing those gifts would find their way to the one who needed them most.

Each day my goal is to restock my shelves with thoughtful inspiration, spiritual guidance, random acts of kindness, compassion, and whatever else I think of which might contribute to the Gross National Happiness in the world. So what have you put in your spiritual distribution center