Mission Possible

Henry Ford once said “whether you think can or can’t, you’re right.” We have each been created for a purpose. We each have a specific mission we were born to fulfill. Some of us believe that mission is possible and others believe it is impossible. Whether you think you have been assigned mission possible or impossible you are right. Like the team on mission impossible, we are each given a mission should we choose to accept it. At some point in time, we probably heard the directions directly from the Creator before the tape self-destructed. However, remnants of that directive linger within each of us. You may experience this impulse to manifest something. You might feel compelled to create something. You might feel as if you are being called on a quest of some type. The mission is yours should you choose to accept it. Sometimes one might feel reluctant. One might question as to whether or not we have the skills and gifts to fulfill this mission.
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