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Prayer means different things to different people.  People pray for different reasons and call prayer different things.  For those of you who believe in the power of prayer, this is a space for you to post your prayer requests and ask others to pray with you. Please complete the form below and your prayer request will be added to our prayer list.

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Surgery revealed Kerry M. Has stage 3 cancer after ovarian surgery. . 50 yeas old. God help her recover.
Bob F

I asking for prayers that Mr. Gibson will want to forgive me and want to contact me and reconcile soon.. In Jesus Name AMEN.

Please pray for my mum Harriet who is admitted suffering breast cancer.l believe in prayers so much

Please pray for my mother Gloria. She has pan hypopituitarism, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, spinal arthritis, chronic pain and battles depression daily. Her faith in God has never wavered, despite a life of severe hardships and pain. We only have each other now and she is literally my entire life. Unfortunately I have been disabled for the last twenty years and I am not capable of taking care of her in the way she needs to be cared for. Please pray that God will bless her with good health and wellness once again so that she can enjoy whatever time we both have left on the earth. Pray for her to be healed and out of pain. I love her so very much and my inability to ease her suffering is, at times, unbearable. Please pray that God will help me deal with my failures as a human being and allow me to care for her in the way she needs. Thank you for your time and help in this request. Blessings to all of you. God is all about love and love is the strongest force in the universe. Amen!

Please, pray for everything against me and my loved ones like spiritual warfare be undone now and forever and for us to have sustained deliverance, absolute healing in every way, good rest, peace, never come off the wrong way, all rebukes cease in our lives including the Lord's judgment and wrath, protection over our property, financial blessings, no one break into our homes or do anything to our stuff against it forever, phenomenal mercy, always be in right mind, absolute purity, no malice or hate, joy, comfort, and set free from all afflictions. And for the Lord to bless me exactly how I would like and give me the righteous desires of my heart in this moment now and forever. Also, for protection over myself, guests, and my home/property cause someone broke in down the street and we're all feeling uneasy. Please, also pray for my car to sell for asking price with no refunds and it sell this week super quickly. And for the paper work be filled out properly and buyers comply with me over everything. Please, pray for my unspoken prayers to be answered over myself, family, and loved ones and the Lord take all curses over us and never let anyone think to nor blaspheme the Holy Spirit, rather, have salvation without trials in this moment. May the Lord never let anyone come against me or my property forever. And the Lord give us these blessings without going through trials, rebukes, or anything like that and this season of torment end in this moment and the Lord hear, absolutely answer yes in my favor, and sustain these blessings all our days and give them to us in full measure in this moment without wavering or even entering our minds, just be now and forever
Julian Perezchica

Please pray for my mom Natalie. She is very ill for the last past months. Please pray that the Lord will heal her in full and that she will be able to enjoy food again and life better.
Michelle Williams

I am asking for a prayer request, my situation is very bad.
Last year i lost my home, my car, and my job.
I am hopeless, at times i really wish and pray i was dead.
I don't even have money to go for my job interviews.
I really don't know what i am going to do.
Kervin Naidoo

God bless me with a Godly wife
Anthony Maio

I currently got in a major breakup with my best friend and its hurting me so bad im hurting emotionally and mentally over this and i need prayer to just get over it and not have so much grief and sadness and sorrow but to move on correctly and just go on with my life and i pray for her too and for my enemies ans friends and family i just pray too that she will one day realize how much i loved and cared about her and that we all make mistakes we are just young teenager and that's ok and i just pray that i can forgive her too for her hurting me after that and intentionally hurting me and just suicidal thoughts just in life circumstances and just confusion and sadness extreme depression and fear of being happy and spiritual problems just everything i guess you can say ;/ and just i wish her eyes were opened knowing the reasons i did some of the things i did and just for all those who persecute me i pray that they will not triumph over me and just for my physical health and i pray for all those who are lost or sad or broken or feel like giving up. I pray for all my unspokens too and just for things to work out for my good even though things dont seem like it now. I pray that i can be delivered from my intentional sin and addictions as well and possible reconciliation if its His will
noah ahmed

I pray for my son, C, I pray he be rid of evil spirits, bad luck and all that hurt him I pray lord he makes good friends, lord I pray you stop him from hurting and be a successful man , I pray you protect him and bless him, I pray for his safety, 
Lord please please I pray he stays with me and his sister,
Lord I give you all his burdens please help us, please help him my son needs your almighty hand thank you lord in Jesus name amen
Le Marianni

Hello...please pray for my mother jeanette ..she has been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, liver cancer , she has a mass on liver that is 7.8 cm, and they placed her on dialysis also she has hep c the drs.are giving her the run around on treatment to heal her body she's esting very little and has lost a lot of weight please help us get healing soon dr.stated...she only have 12 months please help us through this !
~ Latanya

Please pray for my daughter Amanda. She may have cancer. Drs have been giving her the runaround since Dec. So we're taking her to Madison Wisconsin where a Dr is concerned and is going to do what the Drs here in Rockford Illinois won't do. She needs a biopsy to find out if she has lymphoma. She goes back May 4th for labs and a CT-Scan. Then we will find out when and if a biopsy will be done. Please pray for my Daughter.

Hey, can you help me get a prayer chain going for a little boy named Dakota. They had to life flight him. He is having seizures. Forward this to everyone you can please! 

Please pray for my baby daughter to be completely cured of all her health problems. We hope the Lord will ensure that she outgrows her health issues and she catches up developmentally. We pray that she be cured so she does not have diseases/conditions/problems in any areas, including and especially neurological, cognitive/mental, psychiatric, muscular, genetic, metabolic, gastrointestinal, etc. Thanks for praying for a coplete miracle cure.
Sarah M

I got band news for myself, I am a merit awardee, it means my grades are average and fine at all, but then I have to pray that my teachers will accept my project even though it's late I'm fine with that, it's better late than never, so I hope you'll pray that I can pass my projects and exams as I pray for all of you too. Hoping that they can accept my project and my grades will be maintained. Thank you
Jaysiel M

Everyone please pray for my best friend Dustin. He is on life support and in coma sitting in hospital now. Please pray for full healing of every part of him organs and all to be restored to 100% and allow his brain to be working 100% as well I pray father to fill him with the holy sprit and heal him to be good as new good as new. God bless you all for praying it means the world to me and he would love it

please pray for me i have grade three spondylolisthesis and i pray jesus will heal me.

My son needs a hernia operation very badly, but he is afraid. He suffers from mental illness an dont quite understand the seriousness of it. Please dear lord help my son get the courage to do this. In the name of Jesus we need prayer.

 Please pray for my son, who is right now in the second week in a mental institution for a preliminary diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder. I never thought I would be here, he was the sweetest child and young adult and then something happened and he wasn't my son anymore But I know he's safe and it still breaks my heart.

Please keep my grown son Kris for his eye disease and bipolar disorder and his depression and other issues prayers for Kris dreams to come true for his music he writes Christian songs wants to be part of band and sang play guitar and sing and have friends and meet Christain lady for Kris life Kris eyes to be healed he needs Closer walk with the Lord Jesus Christ please keep my grown daughter Maria health problems and for her personal life she needs God's guidance in her life prayers for my grown son Joshua he goes threw so much special prayer for him pray for my son Derek and his wife Missy and kids salvation need the Lord Jesus Christ please keep my family in prayer please thank you

Please pray for healing of my heart disease and body. Had open heart surgery before. Having more trouble, am in pain, having trouble with medication.

I know that some may not see this or pass on this prayer, but I ask that please anyone will pray for my friends mother who is like a mother to me that she will be healthy again for she is in the hospital very sick with her liver poisoned. Please pray for her health and that she will make it through.

please pray for homelesss cat colony to be protected. Bad people killed couple pets recently. Pray for the keeping these pets safe and to stop bad people! Thanks and God bless

Please pray for healing for my mother Ellen Jonga,Lord please remove every pain from my mothers body,please pray for healing for my mothers lungs,Lord please touch my mothers lungs every infection I pray that god remove every infection every illness from my mothers body,lord I pray for healing for my mother Ellen Jonga in Jesus name amen

I have 2 precious little baby goats (male & female) that have cleft palate. Prognosis is not always good. When they drink milk, sometimes milk comes out of their nose. Sometimes they have like raspy breathing & heard it can get worst. They deserve to have a healthy & normal life like the others. I pray that God will touch them & heal them. I ask to please pray for a miraculous recovery for both of them. Thank you for your prayers!

Pray for strength and good health for my son who is recovering from treatment for brain tumors.
Liz W

Please bless me and my family and pray for us for spiritual protection from negative situations/people/energies. Thank you



My friends baby is in really bad shape they are doing a C section in the morning and taking him straight into open heart surgery, but they don't expect him to make it. Please have everyone you can pray..a friend asked me to share this request to get a huge prayer chain started for her friend and the friend's baby,so please pray.
Ticia B

Please pray for:
0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ,
0. Church in the USA - Matt. 3.12
1. stirring up the ministry to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our
daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15
2. God's will and wisdom for me and my family; specially for learning in school for Daniel,working for Edmund, Dorothy, Peter (also God's direction for his life) and Ann( Ann needs husband),
3. God's order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses.
Edmund Krzeminski

God please save my mother from amputation she is in hospital from 22 /04/2016 doctors recommends that her leg be amputated till now please heal her from diabetes and save her from amputation let her be healed completely in the name of Jesus Christ our lord and saviour.Amen

It is my intent to get healed and remove any energy blocks.

I brought home a little Bischon from a Rescue on 1/17.
She was owner surrendered because she had breast cancer.
Rescue did the mastectomy but said the cancer would come back within months or years. It has already come back after the 12/09 surgery. I have been only had her for one week. The Vet is giving her only a few weeks. She is a dog but also God's creation. Please pray that he will heal her. She is so loving, intelligent, happy and energetic.

Tonight I want to request a special prayer for my very close friend John Ball who isn't feeling too well and hasn't been for a few weeks. He is a parkinsons sufferer and I am his carer and indeed his very close friend. 
He has just defeated prostate cancer through the help of our Lord Jesus and without his help I don't know where he'd be today,
or what would happen. 
He has 3 children but they show little interest except one who is quite devoted to him.
I guess that the Lord has picked me to care for him because it was all done online.
May the Lord heal John in more ways than one because he truly deserves it .
Who ever reads this please say a prayer from your heart for John (much appreciated)
Many thanks to all lots,
God bless....

A good friend just got news that she has pneumonia, COPD and congestive heart failure. Seems like this practically happened over night. Was told they were calling hospice in. Please pray for healing and comfort for her family. Thank you.
Also need prayer for my family members to receive Christ as their savor.
Linda C

Please pray for my husband. He's got a terrible backache and he works physically. Today he could hardly leave home. We need this work. We are in dispair

I am requesting a prayer for getting good grades in my finals, a decent graduate job in the banking industry and good health for my family. Ho'oponopono, Namaste~

Healing stomach ache & digestive system, no morehallux valgus, thanks! 

I am requesting a prayer for my dear friend Jinel's husband, Rodel Macariola who will b having his 2nd operation today at 2pm.

Tomorrow I start a rehabilitation program at the V. A. I'm a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. As an infantry soldier I fought for God and country and came home with ptsd. Its been a hard road to reintegrate to civilian life and I fell into drugs and alcohol and lost my wife and kids over it. I've hit rock bottom and can only look up towards God and ask that Jesus Christ comes into my life and guide me towards a new life in the spirit and ask that bad people not cross my path as I go through the program. The only way I can be apart of my kids lives is by completing the program so I ask for your prayers so I be reunited with my family I lost. Pray that Jesus Christ comes into my life and guides me the right path, strengthens my faith, and takes control over my life. I miss my children

I am a Christian and in great need of healing. I have been suffering with an ongoing bladder condition and doctors have not helped me. I am in a great deal of distress and feel so alone. Please pray for me. Thank you

Please pray for my unborn child and my pregnancy is at rusk becausr of a previous c-section i had last year and my baby have to ne taken sooner than his expected date of delivery.please pray for me so that my baby will be a healthy normal bouncing baby and that the good lord of heaven will carry me safetly through surgery and i will recover without any conplications.i pray all witches hands off of my unborn son,all their malificient wishes and prayers.i offer my unborn son ad a living sacrifice unto almighty God let god use him as his servant,that he will grow in fear of the lord and do his will.i pray almighty God's protection upon my unborn child that if there is any one involvef in our everyday life who is planning or plotting to use some sort of evil to harm my baby,please pray thar almighty God will nullify it,reverse it and let it become wek and ineffective in jesus name.please god bless my pregnancy my unborn baby,my son Temor,my daughterAnalia and my Husband Isaac.please God cover,protect snd bless my entire family.Amen

I need prayers for a dear friend of mines Shonita Hazell-Humphrey.she is going through some trials right now n i ask that the good lord of heacen can deliver her from the grips of satan.let god take full control of every situation that is afflicting hurt upon her at this present moment lord jesus.whatever is causing her husband to be hostile towards her,lord jesus i ask that u nullify it in your name.if any one at work or in her home ir any other person who may pretend to be her friend,in order to use any form of witchcraft spell against her to affect her in any negative way,father jesus please remove and let this spell/witchcraft become ineffective.father God almighty please fight this bottle for shonita don't allow her to give up hope but to develop her faith in you lord.let her put all of het trust and care uppn you,give het confudence and piece, to know that you alone Are God and there is noone before or above you.please help me pray for my friend,for she really needs assurance in certainity and deliverance from the devils hands.Amen.

Please show me a sign everything will be ok cause m very restless and cant go on this way please Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated,let Paresh n me grow stronger take away the pain,hurt n mistrust let us forgive eachother n not fall into temptation n restore this damaged relationship.Pls build a hedge of thorns between Paresh n other women/distractions let those with wrong influence wil lose interest and leave him alone,pls let him stop his flirting n cheating n let us settle down s planned. professionally let me meet my office targets and stay accross the green line,get a good salary hike, get incentive which will be sufficient for me to provide for Chris school fees n clear my debts n not incurr any addtional ones

Please pray for my father. He was diagnosed May of 2014 with esophageal cancer. He had his esophagus removed a year ago today 10/06/15. We just found out the cancer came back and is in his bones and lungs now. The Oncologist says that we have to manage this cancer with chemo for the rest of his life. That is our only option as there is no cure for it now. But with luck he can live with it for a while longer. My daddy is only 68 years old. I want him around for a lot longer. Please any positive energy would be greatly appreciated. 

I need immediate financial support to pay rent and health insurance. I also need money to buy food. Please pray for me. God bless!

could you please hold my mum up inprayer she depends on jesus and is very ill please pray for healing and my daughter is pregnant and is very ill carrying her first baby my wife had four very premature babies 1 pound odds please pray for strength for her she's down to about 6 stone

prayer for me: a new good career, immediate financial support, debt free. prayer for my niece: She got a fever due to cold. 
God bless!
Bill P

I ask for a miracle pray in curing my mental depravity illness of Schizophrenia. Pray for my on going suffering and nightmares. Pray for my unit in where I actually live now. Pray for Love Grace to fill my broken down drained heart mess. Pray for my on going protection and safety in my neighbourhood. Pray that neighbours will not tease me or bash me up where I do live now. Pray for hope to be within me now. Pray for my major mental Illness and give me 'Love once again. Pray for my single alone life. But most of all never let me Go from a God eternal Grace Love. May you Pray for the chains of bondage to be set free. May I ask for a Pray eternal Light. Pray this into a God Love Peace within a unity Peace within my whole family network. Pray this within a Spiritual Awakening. Pray that I will not be Pre Judged and give me a pray of real reality friendships within my community area district. In the Jesus accepted Light. Amen.

Please heal my son from autism Jesus you can do anything I know that I thank you god he was born at 24 weeks 1 pounds 7 seven ounces he nearly died lots of times but you healed him then you can do it now thank you  Please heal my wife of addiction to pain killers help me understand her please help my daughter through her pregnancy she is very fragile with weak bones thank you Jesus king of kings  My mum is going through cancers treatment she brags about Jesus night and day she's lost a grand son (my son) and son please pray my brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus

Maybe you could send up a prayer for my little family. We have family court because my daughters father violated our court order and I'm going to try to get full custody.

'm in great depression because my son Bitson failed in engineering exam and lost one year. Please pray for him so that he clears all semester exam without losing another year and may God Almighty bless him with a bright future. Thank you.

I am asking to pray to my mother Ranganayki Natkunam who is suffering from bone cancer pain on leg and back side. Her leg also broken on last Thursday because of cancer. Please pray to my mother complete come-out from pain.

Please cure me of this horrible second stroke and incontinence which have
both plagued me for over 2 years now. I am a 59 year old man who is
despairing of my very slow progress and improvement. I am so desperate
to heal my body as it seems futile and discouraging. I am confined to a manual
wheelchair and cannot walk at all. The left side of my body simply does not
function with my left upper and lower limbs incapacitated. Dear Lord I pray for
a miracle cure for myself to recover all my faculties. I sincerely promise to lead
a better life with Your Divine Help and I will praise Your Holy Name for
evermore in these difficult circumstances.Please help me and redeem me
after all my sins against Your Divine Self.
Blessed is Your Holy Name ,
John F. 4th. June 2015

Please pray for me(gary) that God healing my paralysis body movement, back pain. And God also helping, rising up my (gary) money more better very smooth &easy. Gbu all, thank you

I received this from a friend this morning -- Well my friends I got my test results back & it hurt my heart to inform you that my new Kidneys that were transplanted 3 weeks ago are in kidney failure, so I am taking high doses of anti-rejection drugs to try to save my new organ , what Jeffrey Stuckey & I need from our friends and family right now are alot of prayers & positive energy for us to get thru this not so great news we have received -- please keep my friend Fonda and her husband in prayer.
Rev Sharon

Please pray that I get a chance to be with the love of my life. She is breathtakingly beautiful with a great personality. The chances of us having a chance are slim but I hope that with some help from God, maybe it will work. I am in love with her and all I want is a chance with her. Also, please pray that she is happy, even if it isn't with me. Thank you.

I'm in a plead of a prayer, I need a go Ahead prayer i need a middle prayer someone to proceed my prayrs to God.
IM STILL IN SCHOOL and everytime i feel disconnected from god and class i do well during class but terrible in Activities,tests and exams please help me,Thank you God bless you

 pray for physical health problems to be healed mental

I had an iguanas hernia about 6 years ago and it was surgically repaired. It has now returned and I really don't want to have surgery again. Please pray for a healing to take place without surgery. I would be most grateful if anyone out there can find the time to pray for my complete healing.
Many thanks to you all in anticipation.

 Please pray that my SSA.appeals case be approved this week I Jesus name amen

Please pray for me that i and my lover reunite again. we are seperated by our parents as we both belongs to two different caste. our parents are not able to understand the emotions due to which my lover is being forced and threatned to marry someone else.lord please open their eyes jesus. please dont seperate us. This pain is unbearable lord. we both love each other but only because his parents doesnt like me due to other caste he is moving away from me.i dont want o loose him lord.please help me..i am totally disheartned and shedding into tears.

Please pray for my wife Nining (51 years old), she is sick in the back of her body (low back pain/spondylolisthesis at L4-L5). She has been suffering this pain for almost 2 years. She has found it hard to stand for long time when the pain recurs, while I have to work to support my family, we have 2 children. 

We have tried various treatments but have not seen meaningful change. I have almost given up. I beg Please pray that any and all disease will be permanently removed from her body and that she will be pain free. 

Lord, if I have displeased You in any way, kindly forgive me and heal my wife. The Scripture says that You have already borne our griefs and sorrows on the cross and that we are healed by Your stripes. I look up to You, my Heavenly Lord! Let Your healing hands touch my wife and heal her from all sickness, Lord, hear our prayer, Amen..

I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return. Amen.
Dear fellow Christians, please pray for this prayer request above, and please share it with everyone! Until it comes true, and Jesus returns to save His people - which will hopefully, by that time, include all of us! Thank you! God bless you!

Dear God and Jesus, im really sorry and i apologise for the mistakes ive made, please forgive me god and jesus. please save me god and jesus. i dont wanna die, theres no easy way for me to die anyway. i want to live but i just wish things would get better for me so i can live and not be depressed. im sick and tired of being depressed. im sorry for the mistakes i made to my grandma. i want her to forgive me. i will try to be a nice girl. can you help me? ill help myself somehow. can you please let Travis Diaz Jacovo change his mind to a yes to date me and me and him be boyfriend and girlfriend january 2015 please. Travis Diaz Jacobo and i knew each other since 2nd grade, have a 95 % perfect match and have same lucky numbers. we have same intrests too! he makes me happy and hes only boy im comfortable around with. were ment for each other. please let him change his mind to a yes to date me. please let him forgive me for the facebook thingy. please god and jesus please let me and Travis Diaz Jacobo become boyfriend and girlfriend Jan 2015! im lost without him. Amen




my angel, my love, my father please forgive my big and small sins which i have done and bless me.


Please keep my sister Diane Agor in prayer. She recently had a heart attack and was also diagnosed with Bell's Palsy.


hi i suffer with deppresion and anxiety. i need guidance for the future i also get pressure from my brother.i would like to lead a spiritual life. ive had a sad and lonely life take care


 I just published my first book "Distinguish Yourself on the Common App". Please join me in praying for vigorous sales this month and a special blessing for each student who uses this book to guide them through the college application process. Namaste!


Hello, I am currently at my Aunt's in Georgia and I am helping her out here. My cousin left her children here over a year ago, and my Aunt has been taking care of them. These kids are emotionally going through alot, and here in Georgia where they live is very racist. The 14 year old came home the other day very upset as kids were making horrible racist comments and things that they think are jokes. If you can keep the 4 children in your prayers that would be very much appreciated. It hurt my soul to hear these things and they already are going through their own life stuff.


 I request deep prayers for Corey, burdened with depression due to an amputation of his lower leg from diabetes. And I request prayer for Karen who is Corey’s main supporter. I am so grateful. Thank you so much!






Lots of Healings & prayers are needed for myself & my family for financial miracles.Permanent job for me immediately now in a reputed,safe place here in the city, among good people where i can learn,grow,use my talent & earn decent amount of money that supports me & my family. Also jobs for my parents & siblings in the cities they live in, for healings of all our illnesses,diseases,sickness, past lives healings,i am a higher level empath feel like victim all the time,i need healings of deep rooted fears,phobias & healings of departed souls from our family,complete removal of all negativities mounting on us & our families,blood lines forever with Protections,guidances,mercy ,healings, with a special gift of blessed marriage from GOD on me & my entire family,blood lines forever & ever. ThankU all so much from Jyoti & entire family.Please keep us in your daily prayers,prayer chains & healings for longer time we need them a lot with all aspects of our life.May GOD bless U, this group with abundance,prosperity & securities & keep U all forever & ever. Amen.


Please say a prayer for my daughter who is going through an incredibly stressful time right now....and somehow keeping it all together. So many challenges all at once, but she is smart, hard working and has a kind heart. I pray that the coming weeks and months will be easier on her. Thank you for bending God's ear on her behalf. With much gratitude,


My Sally is missing and needs medical care. Will you please say a prayer for her to come Home ASAP. Orange long hair cat. She's one if the ones that go out/in and are trained  And stays in yard etc but since I've been sick She's been staying out and only coming around in the am for food and disappearing and no show this am.  Thank you!


Please add Gail Daniels to your list. Due to a fall recently she now has a concussion and has to use a walker. Her Husband is developing dementia and her son is waiting for hip & knee surgery. They need help now with grocery shopping and just lots of prayers as she is a very kind sweet soul. Thanks & Peace

Sam A.


Michelle T

Please pray for everyone in the world who is hungry, homeless or faces health problems. One day our world will be better for us all and it's through prayer and love that we will achieve this. Thank you!

Chris M.

Prayer and healing request for all the animals under my care, especially the ill ones,, jojo, Delilah,Loretta, crackers, for myself to keep on running this animal sanctuary better & for my elderly father, Jerry who's been quite ill recently. Thank you all. Peace!

Jai A

Please pray that Enrique knows the love I have for him is real. Pray that God works in both our lives to bring us together and helps us to build a strong relationship. He is the one who said he thought we could have something good. I'm not sure what happened but I still believe we can have something good. Please give him the courage to follow through with what he started and to believe in us, that we can have something really good. I pray he will contact me so we can talk and figure things out together. I pray that we will be able to build a good life together.


Please pray for my friend Debbie's dog Maggie. She is taking her in emergently to the vets.

Barb Hassett

Please keep Cookie Stringfellow and all those who are a part of her surgical and after care team in prayer. May they be guided by God's wisdom.  We give thanks for the successful surgery and rehabilitation.

Rev Sharon

Please pray for me angela and my children l need pray fir healing and place to stay for more income

Angela Jenkins

Please keep the father of Stacy Hollister and their whole family in prayer. He is in critical condition and bleeding internally due to tumors in his lungs

Max Allen

I sit in prayer for Allison, 17 year old daughter of my friend David Borror. I just learned that she slipped into a coma Saturday while getting chemo for cancer. She has damage to both sides of her brain... I call upon my prayer warriors, my healers, and everyone who reads this to send support to this family - your thoughts, prayers and intentions. We know that all things are possible! We call for Divine Will, for Divine Order to be established for her highest and best! with my beloved friends who can reach around the world 

Meddy Jacques

Please pray for my friend Kate for the many struggle health wise and personally that she is going through. Pray for a sense of peace and strength for her. Thank you.

Joy Argento

Please join me in lifting my friends Max and Kerry in prayer as they are both struggling with significant health issues. May those providing care be guided by the wisdom of the Ultimate Consciousness and may their bodies, minds, and spirits receive the healing energies and prayers being sent to them.

Rev Dr Sharon Jacobson

 My beloved brothers in the faith: Please,join me to pray for the economic and financial miracle that I need desperately in my life. Help me to ask to The Lord for his miracle of abundance and supply of all my needs in my life.Pray to the Lord for the healing of my entire life. I love you all

pablo gonzalez

pls pls pray for my daughter shweta. she is getting a peculiar type of rash since 2 is very troublesome and itchy. pls pray that she is healed soon. thank you. praise the lord.


There are times when there are so many who truly need our prayers. I reach to you humbly and ask for your love and prayers to shower four dear people who ask for help. Beautiful Linda and Polly who are in hospital and begging for mercy with pain from cancers.. eyes weeping...For Kevin our loving Brother at the Damascus Shrine Masonswho is always available to help and laugh is now fighting for his life after cancer surgery last week. And please for my good and precious husband "Fixit" who had another ER visit yesterday and will now consult with surgeons tomorrow. May the heart of love and the prayers of the community be theirs. <bow> from my heart to yours in deepest gratitude.  Thank You..

Barbara Konish

Thank you distant relatives for witnessing this prayer: that all of the dreamcatchers of the world are activated with extra light and love right now to help us filter and feather and fluff our nightmares from our truest dreams and desires becoming.... and also my prayers at this time which i would like to be synergistically increased by the power of your eyes and hearts and helpers are for my grandpa Jack Fouquet who has been in and out of the hospital too much for my mother Cheryl Fouquet to handle. So i pray for extra serene energy for them to help them and her brother, his son, with their stresses and emotions and that there bones and heart's know relaxation and comfort and even open to states of the clear light and bliss, grace and god's glory, abiding calm, and enough attention for the pains until the day and way it is best for him to leave this world... amen.

Kristin Garvin

pls pray for me. my financial problems are becomming worse by the day. the expenses are mounting and there is no inflow of money. all the doors are shut. pls pray that our lord opens some door for finances to come in. pls pls pray for financial blessings on our family. its becomming very difficult day by day.

sony motwani

Prayer for me to marry the man I love
Kawtar K

Brenda one of the exercise leaders where I work out is battling cancer for the 3rd time, recently married and has a young child. 
Pam Perkins

Mindy Jones

Healing request for my beloved niece Gabby. Thank You!

Jd Aricchi

My niece's baby spiked a fever the other day and had 2 seizures. It was controlled in the ER. I know this isn't uncommon in infants, but it's awfully scary. Prayers please!!!

Mary Thomas Wilkins

Please keep Peter Blum in prayer. He's got melonoma on his foot.  He has to get a 2nd operation to remove any remaining cancer cells.  He would love any healing energy you can send.

Pam Perkins

Please place my coworker, Kisha and her family, in your prayers. She was called out of work urgently yesterday and called today that her father passed away today.
Nina Ploetz RDMS

Asking for healing prayers to a friend of mine and his wonderful family. His parents were driving in the area and were t-boned by a tractor trailer. His parents are home with injuries of many sorts, yet regret and anguish are debilitating thoughts. No matter the causes or actions taken, or not, We place them in the arms of their Creator, allowing the blessings to shine through the clouds. This family is truly service oriented and have been tested through many trials lately. Not only the parents need our prayers, but the entire family (who will not ask for a thing) needs your embrace, Father. May your Eagle wings stretch forth and shield them from the darkness.
Rev Jeffrey Jacques

Prayers for my grand daughter and grand sonwho are challenged by emotional difficulties. They need hope and lasting understanding from others.

Please pray for me and my grandchildren so that they can live happy and healthy lives.
 Doris Richardson-Edsell

Regardless of how one personally feels about the ruling in the Trayvon Martin case, may we continue to lift this country and this world in prayer. May the walls which have been historically and socially constructed crumble and may we learn how to see each other as human beings of equal worth, not labels with the stereotypes and prejudices we attach to them.
Rev Dr. Sharon Jacobson

My friend, Joyce Broughton, is getting a 5th hip replacement (the 2nd on this hip) on July 30th. I would appreciate it so much if you could put her name on your prayer list. Thanks so much!

Jean Sampson

This young woman died tragically in Ghana last weekend. She was a mentor/friend to many of my son's archaeology pals. While we can't all contribute financially, we can pray that the family find a way to bring her home. Thanks! Rachel Memorial Remembering Rachel L Horlings
Mary Wilkins