There is no mindfulness in multitasking.

Every once in a while I get a fortune cookie, or a thought for the day on one of my FB apps that just kind of slaps me in the face and shouts it’s pay attention time. This morning was one of those moments. I was going through my morning FB ritual and my Zen thought for the day was “When walking, walk. When eating, eat.”  Hmm, I guess it was no coincidence I read this as I drank my water, ate breakfast and FBed, all at the same time. Then I started thinking about how many times in my day I am not being mindful because I am multitasking. Like when my son calls and is telling me the details of his day and I am not fully listening to him because I am also cooking dinner. Or how many times has Zoë been talking to me about something and I have not stopped what I was doing to fully listen. Or how many times have I been doing two or three things at one time. I guess there is a reason that Zoë sometimes calls me the queen of multitasking. 

So, this morning, I have decided to resign from that position and work on being less multi-focused. I know this will be an awesome thing for me to do and it will help me to stay more focused on the present. Hmm, I wonder if this has anything to do with my reflection on POJSU and Turnips. LOL. The Infinite does have a sense of humor. 

It is funny because when I am with a client, I am present for them. There are some things and times in my life when I am not multitasking, like sleeping, blogging, praying, meditation, etc. so I know I am capable of doing it. However, at the same time there are times when I am multitasking and so not mindful of what is going on. 

This morning I have this feeling similar to when I stopped smoking 20 something years ago. I know this is going to be good for me. I got that. At the same time, I am wondering how different my life is going to be. lol. Zoë will enjoy having my undivided attention and knowing I will be present with her. I started thinking about how many times I have asked her to follow me to the kitchen while I cooked dinner for us.  The world would not have ended if I had finished my conversation with her and then cooked dinner. So what if we ate 30 minutes later. 

When I have been focused solely on one thing, I have completed it with so much ease. I usually make less mistakes and it seems to take less time.   When I think about the times I have been multitasking, I am also mindful that it is during those times that I tend to have accidents. I remember one day in particular. Zoë and I were at the Public Market and I was thinking about what I still needed to get and not where I was. Not being mindful because I was multitasking, I drove my wheelchair off the curb, rather then down the curb cut. Not having my seat belt on either, I fell out of my chair and spilled onto the road. I scared those who were around me including Zoë. Had I been present and focused on moving from one area to the next, I would have just gone down the curb cut.

I have also noticed that when I am mindful, then even what seems like a mundane thing becomes powerful.  Taking a shower can feel like being baptized. Washing dishes has reminded me of bathing a baby. I remember Thich Nhat Hanh writing once about how we should think of each dish as a baby Buddha or Jesus. What if I washed myself with that care and reverence? What if I did all my grooming with that care and reverence? How different would my day be?

Today, I sense is going to be a day filled with peace and joy as I focus on being a turnip and practicing my POJSU. Lol.