Sunday morning meanderings

I just wanted to take a moment this morning to just be. I am sitting at my computer and everyone else in our home is asleep. In the quiet, I can hear the birds outside having a conversation with each other. I wonder are they saying, come eat, the feast is prepared because the bird feeder was refilled yesterday. When we feed them, do they understand and feel the love and gratitude we have for them. When we water the plants in our yard, are we doing it with an attitude of love or obligation. I am always amazed at how everytime I water them, I can see a rainbow in the water.  I hope our plants feel the love and our concern for their health and well being. As I think about this, I am thinking I need to talk with Zoe about watering our grass. What are we saying when we do not -- we do not care for you. Just because others in our neighborhood do not water there lawns, does not make it ok for us to not water ours. It is time to show a little love to that which we look at everyday and have not been paying adequate attention to, other then to mow it.