It's Time for a Change!

So this past year has been an amazing journey for me!  Inspiritual will be one year old at the end of this month. Whoo hoo! I have grown by leaps and bounds in my own journey. I hope some of the people who have been journeying with me have grown as well. I have seen several of my clients transform before my eyes. While I am excited for them, I am excited about my own growth and evolution. I have gotten rid of the majority of my black clothes. I have gone from wearing the cheapest things I could buy, which fell apart fairly quickly to investing in a few things which look awesome, are bright and colorful and which say to the world -- "I love myself."   I have been losing weight, eating healthy, getting out in the sun more, doing all kinds of things that are good for me.  Yesterday, I got my hair styled.  After 10 years of shaving my head, I decided to let my hair grow out and so I told my stylist let's do this.  I am going back to see her today to get it colored -- goodbye grey -- nothing wrong with the grey -- but I am not a grey kind of gurl -- so brown and burgundy it is :) What does the song say -- I feel good, I knew that I would,  now So good, so good, I got me (ok, i know it says you, but this is my song today). It is going to be a great day!