Doing my best

The last couple of weeks have been frustrating in some respects.  Liftline has told me they were following RGRTA, RGRTA says there eliminating the route was due to a decrease in ridership. The town told me it is a county issue, the county ignores me, the state tells me it is a federal issue and that i need to request the ADA be expanded so that my services can be restored.  I feel as if everyone who has the power to make a change is telling me not my responsibility. So the other day I had to sit down and ask myself am I doing my best. Right now, I think I am. I have started a petition locally.  Am working on a letter to my Congressional representative, a letter to my local newspaper and investigating who are the national disability rights groups.  This is no longer about me or my town, this is now about ensuring that what happened to me will never happen to anybody else. 

I have had to come to peace with knowing that doing my best does not mean I am able to bring about a change overnight. It simply means that doing my best means that I am living each moment to the fullest of my capacity and being the best me I can be at any point in time in my life.

So today, I commit to doing my best and to renewing this commitment to myself each and every day of my life.  My best might not be what somebody else thinks I am capable of, but that is about them.  My doing my best is about me.  So this is what I am committed to doing -- doing my best.