Remembering the Headlights

Zoe and I are starting on a new adventure as we learn about breast cancer and work our respective ways through this journey. As i have been thinking about how overwhelming it can be to think about how are we going to make me through this, I found myself thinking about something Jack Canfield spoke about in the movie "The Secret". He said, “Think of this, a car driving through the night. The headlights only show 100 to 200 feet ahead, and you can make it all the way from California to New York, driving through the dark because all you need to see is the next 200 feet.That’s how life tends to unfold before us. If we just trust that the next 200 feet will unfold after that and the next 200 after that; your life will keep unfolding and it will eventually get you to the destination of whatever it is you truly want because you want it.”

This is how we are going to get through this, one step at a time. It is how we get through life, one moment at a time. We are always working to make each moment as beautiful as it can be. So how are we going to get through this -- one step at a time and always remembering that the journey will keep unfolding as we move through it.