Trust and obey

Dear Ultimate Consciousness,

Lol. Well it is nice to know that people miss my blogs when I do not write them. It has been less than a week since my last blog and I got a few emails from people who wanted to know if I was okay. Those made me feel loved. When I write, I do it for me and sometimes even for the trash can so I do not attach others responses to what I write. It is for me and if it does some good in the world, then bless it. If not that is ok too.

The last few days have been a journey in faith. They have been a reminder of the importance of doing two things in my life trusting and obeying. Trusting and obeying the leadings of spirit even when they do not make sense to me personally. The one regret I have this week is that I did not listen to my intuition and not wear my brace to school on Tuesday. However, I did trust and obey from that point forward. I think you were trying to prevent me from incurring the wounds that I got from my brace rubbing against all the bug bites that I got while near and in the compost the past few days. I didn’t obey you then and so came home to infected welts all over my leg, which I have never experienced and my leg seemed twice as big as normal.

I remember Zoe saying if it was not better in the morning I needed to call the doctor’s office and make an appointment. You clearly told me to trust and obey. When I woke up in the morning, it was better, but still not great. Trust and obey. Then the messages about what I was to do began to come and the healing continued. The swelling went down, my leg was the size of normal again, and the wounds began to heal. Then I began being told to think about honey and through your guidance, I learned about Makuna Honey and the healing increased. Trust and obey.

So here I am four days later and the wounds are almost completely healed. That in and of itself would be amazing, however, the last few days my right foot, which has not moved in years, has begun to move. Trust and obey! I am not sure yet what you have in store for my evolving body, and me, but what I do know is this. Whatever it is you bring me to is for me and in all of it I must trust and obey. I must remember that whatever happens in my life through you is for my highest good.

I do not always understand your ways or desire for my life, but even in times like this when I feared for a moment I might have a staph infection, you remind me to trust in you and to always do what you ask of me, even when it does not make sense or is not what I am desiring at the time.

Thank you for the reminder to trust and obey and for all those in my life who trusted the word you gave them to tell me about honey.