Post Thanksgiving Reflection

It was about a week ago, that we hosted our largest open house thanksgiving potluck dinner. Over the course of the day, 24 people blessed us with their presence. To say that our table overflowed was the understatement. Three tables, thanks to a friend who bought folding tables as part of her contribution, overflowed with pastries and desserts of all kinds. We had an organic turkey, compliments of one of our clients, an extra turkey breast, a spiral sliced ham, two trays of macaroni and cheese (gluten free and regular), smashed potatoes, candied yams, sausage stuffing, Israeli salad, roasted vegetables of all kinds, cranberry sauce, salad, deviled eggs, spicy nuts, a basmati rice dressing, herbed corn, coconut milk eggnog, non-alcoholic wine, an assortment of sodas, and probably several other dishes that have faded from my memory.
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