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All I want to say about Inspiritual is I have walked along way, but I am "home", the warmth, energy, kindness, understanding here are amazing, I can be myself on all levels, and learn and grow and share. Spirit brought me here, for so many reasons, much more than I could write here. I feel blessed!

Life changes as do we. This summer was going to be hard with being at my moms and my recent injury. It has been a time of reflection and change. Some good some lessons to learn... you are a gifted healer, mentor, and minister. You reach out to where others can not. For reaching out is not of the physical, but rather a spiritual connection of souls. You teach, touch, listen and guide individuals to see themselves for who they really are; wonderful, gifted, talented souls of God. I can't wait to read your book! It is time for you my friend. ♡♡♡ `` Nina

 I live on the other side of the world to Sharon, Australia, and yet her intuitive, wisdom touches me as if we were together in the same room. Sharon has created a place for me that I treasure, a place where I feel SAFE and HEARD. Sharon's writings, both on a personal level and through her amazing Blogs continue to help me find a balance in the complexities of life. I can't thank Sharon enough for her thoughtfulness and unconditional friendship. She is a true GIFT.~~ Jane P.

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I'm glad everything's going so well for you Sharon and Zoe and that Inspiritual is doing so well.  god Bless! ~~ Julie

I have found Reverend Jacobson to be extremely knowledgeable about spiritual teachings and excellent at conveying them. Instead of being authoritative, her spiritual guidance has promoted independence and creative thinking in me that has allowed me ownership of my spiritual growth. ~~ Liesl  

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Re: Spiritual Journaling workshop

Each technique wound up drawing me down a path towards a deeper relationship with my self and God.  As we progressed, I found myself gaining a clarified vision of who I am and who I have been called to be. I found myself reconnecting with my inner wisdom and spiritual teachers in my life. ~~ Sara  

Thank you God for all that you have allowed me to obtain. every day this thank you I will say. ~~ Franklyn

Happy Third Birthday!!!! Keep up the GOOD work!!!! ~~ Leah

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The journey to enlightenment (which I call innerstanding) began as a solo flight yet as I moved away from old thinking and behaviors, I encountered like minds along the way. Rev. Sharon became a fellow traveler who in sharing her thoughts and blogs created a safe space that allowed me to peel back and shed years of abuse and oppressive teachings. I stand with an attitude of gratitude that the Infinite Presence allowed our paths to cross and that we had enough wisdom and confidence in the space we shared to continue our journey in parallel lanes. I look forward to her words of encouragement through our personal connection as well as her thoughts in Inspiritual. ~~ Claude

Just wanted to Thank you, For all the sharing you do on fb, Inspiritual,etc. Its something I see you Love very much,which is close to you heart. I spent my day so far from 1 sight to another,counting my blessing and enjoying what I was have a special gift from God. Sorry I need to stop reading, with Gods help you will be online tomorrow. Thanks for making me feel blessed.

I know in your heart you have such a beautiful dream of channeling God’s lessons for yourself, those you love, those who come to you for home, for answers and direction. I cannot believe that in our third meeting you, with and through spirit and from all your studies and through your pain and its wisdom, captured the very insights that therapists in 35 years in therapy and soul searching to find and then we went beyond further and deeper, higher, wider, brighter, more hopeful and more challenging with more questions. Thank you for your selfless gifts given to me yesterday. I must also say that its like that experience is still before me now and will always be and perhaps it has always been.

I just wanted to say “Congratulations” for Inspiritual’s 4th Birthday. What an amazing journey you have undertaken with the support of Zoe and all those around you. You have touched so many hearts and I’m honoured to be one of them. Sending love on this special occasion. You are a treasure that can never be measured. Well done. Take care. Love to all


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Sharon, thank you for another wonderful Sunday call! It is great to start my day with such love, inspiration, and sharing! Can't wait to finally meet you in person in a couple of weeks. -- Katharine

Here is a grooooovy place to grow-I am, thanks to Sharon and Zoe ! ~~ Maryanna

This is a place of complete love and healing ~~ Heather

Rev. Sharon is an awesome spiritual partner who has helped me immensely. I love our spiritual journey together!! I highly recommend this partnership to anyone `~~ Vicki

Interacting with Reverend Sharon Jacobson has been such an unfathomable blessing to me. Unquestionably a spiritual powerhouse melded with kindness, Reverend Jacobson brings the precious gift of serenity to the table each and every time. Her empathic wisdom is one of the many qualities that I hold in such high regard. As a listener, a teacher, an adviser, a facilitator, clergy and a counselor, she is truly a gift to all those she guides. So few in this position are so empowering and enlightening. Time and time again she has guided me to sort myself out while life’s crises reared their ugly heads. I truly find Reverend Jacobson to be a Godsend in my life. ~~ Sarah

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Re: 28 week Spiritual Cleansing

I had a love hate relationship with this process. There were  days I wanted to quit, but Rev Sharon’s encouraging words kept me going. My favorite day was when I danced myself into a state of exhaustion. ~~  Annie

Re: Spiritual Partnership: An Introduction Workshop

This is a guaranteed great presentation! I loved it! ~~ Gloria


Congratulations for all you have achieved and your inspiration and dedication in the past 3 years. An amazing milestone. Hope the celebrations are enjoyed by all.

All my love


Hello internet friend,

Read somewhere about your three year anniversary! For your web, that is.  I pray that you will continue to bear good fruit in your sincere efforts.  You have a quality touch, which must come from your heart.
Thanks, Gary Bertnick 

Sharon has been an awe-inspiring woman to me. She has shown me things, helped me deal with thongs, been a good friend, and so much more. When she did the Reiki on me, I felt amazing. My depression went away. My normal daily aches and pains disappeared, and everything was good. Then, when she did a reading for me, I was in awe. She really hit the tip of everything. She was spot on and she has helped me find my guidance in this world. Sharon is an amazing person, and she knows just how to help you understand the world around you!

I meet Ms. Sharon about 10 years ago and through that time she has constantly kept me encouraged. when I needed a haircut and did'nt have any money she took me to her house and cut my hair personally. when i needed a place to sleep at she came to the "hood" and picked me up through out these ten yrs she's been nothing less than positivity and light and my life through the past few years i've been slack about keeping in touch but she frequently contacts me and lets me know shes thinking about me and shockingly when i need to hear encouraging word the most she just pops in with them for that i am grateful and will continue to support you in all your endeavors happy fifth birthday to your ministry and here's to many more 

love always 

When I arrived I was thinking I really hope that this helps. After seeing at least 20 different doctors who couldn't get my infections and foot ulcers under control. I thought that my grandmother cured whatever we had wrong when I was a kid, so maybe this was a better approach. I had seen my doctor a few days before. My blood pressure was 215/107. There was dead black tissue in my right foot and what appeared to be gauze that had turned black hanging down that they couldn't remove. The smell was awful. The pain was awful. I had to be wheeled in in Sharon's wheelchair When I got to Sharon and Zoe's house. I sat in a regular chair waiting for my treatment. My vision was blurry and I was a bit dizzy. When Sharon F got there and asked If I was ready for my reiki treatment I said yes I have been waiting to be able to do this. Zoe and Sharon started the treatment and I tried to relax and breathe. As they worked on me I could feel the herniated muscle in my shoulder feel as if it was bubbling. It felt odd but good. As they worked over other areas where I have problems it felt as tho something was working its way up and out through my veins. My bad eye which had been achey also seemed to be getting rid of something. It stung a bit then just seemed to be giving something up. It seemed to be very quick that the treatment was over. Then they said a prayer. When they said my name in the prayer it seemed like something in my soul sat up and was listening as well. I became very calm. At this point I felt like I was waking up from a long rest. It seemed lighter in the room and easier for me to find my way around. My feet were feeling much better and I was able to walk into the bathroom quite easily. My pain in my back and side from my kidney stone had also lessened to a dull ache. No more sharp pain. It had been almost a week since I found out I had the stone and I hadn't been able to pass it. A few says later I did. When the visiting nurse came the next day my blood pressure was down to 120/79 . She said my feet were really getting rid of a bunch of waste. I was able to go out the next day to take my cat to the vet. I had been worried about her but didn't know if I'd be up to taking her. The next day I had my appointment with the wound care doctor. The week before they had been talking about surgery to open up the foot to take out all the dead tissue. They also said that it would be easier to pack and dress being open. When I went in for my appointment the doctor came in and sat down to look at my foot. She looked at me and said. " they look better" "Let me get a better look" she asked the nurse to bring her a light that looks like a miners light . She held the wound open and said. " I can't believe it" the tissues are pink and clean" I said I had a reiki treatment on Monday and they have felt better to walk on. She said " it really seems to have helped you turn the corner" " I feel much better about your healing. I don't think you will have to have the surgery" I was overjoyed at the news. I couldn't wait to tell Sharon and Zoe The doctor said " it's the power of self healing and believing that it can happen" ~~ Max

Re: 28 week Spiritual Cleansing

My experience with the workshop has been an emotional roller coaster, which I believe is the purpose of participating in it. I have come to realizations about myself that have at times shocked, disappointed and awed me. I will be eternally grateful that the program reintroduced me to a woman I thought I had lost, never to be found again. I am blessed and lucky to not only participate in this unique program, but to also have met some truly amazing people on this journey. ~~ Kim