Golden bowls held full of incense,

Prayers touch those you love

In a moment and in a lifetime,

Kindness that reaches out from the Throne of Majesty

The One who answers our every prayer

As we cry out, as we never give up

And our hearts bow gladly before him;

Our minds, our thoughts fully open

Our human being expressed in clear transparency

Complete honesty, the many sincere needs of others seen and met 

Men and women, children deeply cared for

Neighbors and family known

Old friends from times and places past

Strangers met, strangers passed on the sidewalk

In a store, at the airport or the park

On a bus, at your school or college;

Endless needs that throb with compassion in your heart

Things you see, hear and feel with the Shepherd's sensitivity,

Memories, experiences and changing circumstances;

We are truly present in ways to shine with the Light of God's Spirit

And to work as clean vessels of Truth and Mercy

In step with the Shepherd Lord who carries the infinite details always near,

Our own needs as well as those of countless others!