Cultivating Reverence

·A friend of mine recently asked me who or what helped me cultivate a sense of reverence for life and for the world.  I have been sitting with this question for a while and I am still not sure how to answer it. I think in part it comes from the numerous near death experiences I have had. The first one being when I was born. I think there is something about knowing how fragile life is that makes you gain a sense of reverence for it.

Maybe in part it was my parents who had this affinity for growing things. My father’s domain was the garden and plants in the backyard. He was committed to growing fresh vegetables and fruits for our family. My mothers was the front yard and side of the house where she constantly worked on her flower beds, making sure they were weed free. They had stories to go with several of the trees in our yard. The weeping willow was planted, according to my father, the day they bought me home from the adoption agency.

I have always loved animals, although dogs, cats, and elephants are my favorites. Each in their own way has taught me important lessons about life. My dog Puggy, my best friend growing up taught me it was all about relationships. He was so patient and loving with me. No matter what I did as a child, he would smother me with kisses. He even allowed me to pack him in my duffle bag one summer as I tried to sneak him off to summer camp with me. My cats Mr Mittens and Dr Wally have taught me about balance, asking for my needs and remind me to honor my body’s needs and nap when I need one. Elephants, well one in particular, who has always come to me in dreams during challenging times reminds me to have reverence for the Ultimate who has me in his protective and loving grace at all times.

Who has taught me – honestly my life has taught me to have reverence for all of creation and know we are all here with our own gifts to work together to make this on earth as it is in heaven.