The inner glow of Messiah's Holy Spirit

Godly character steadily developed,

The body temple cleansed and bright with Heaven's Light

And the Redeemer's Blood,

The work of the Father, the work of His Son!

Along the narrow road to eternal purity

Human nature always stumbles

But a Hand nearby lifts and returns to the wise path of peace;

The Kingdom Gate waits wide open for us,

What an enlightened mind already perceives

True Hope sees more and more clearly

New life unfolding in each footstep-

"To love You Lord and to know Your love for me!"

While the old life slowly fades away.

Many pretenders try to force their way ahead

Foolishness parades in selfish pride

Deceived and deceiving themselves even more;

A Gate made of a single pearl

Remains far out of reach.

A soap box opera of lies, plays out

Drowns much of America through media deceit

In government, in banking, in business

Too many noses bow down into media cesspools

Daily chew on Internet, television propaganda

Dance along often on a garbage pile of feathered control.

Yet, how blessed are the people near and far

Who hear the "still, small Voice"

The joyful sounds that flow with the Living Word,

The peaceful sounds of the Holy Spirit who indwells them!