This concerns our Christian spiritual perspective, perception as a true believer of Messiah Yeshua in America, in our present day.  Some write and speak of imminent terrible days coming upon us all.  Very soon, as related to God's judgments and the rise of anti-Christ and the Best Kingdom written about in Apostle John's Book of Revelation.  Clearly at the midpoint of the seven year period prophesied by Daniel that leads up to the Lord Messiah's return to Jerusalem after destroying the Beast Kingdom, "the power of the holy people(Israel) is broken" and anti-Christ seizes Jerusalem and over throws the sovereign Israeli government control.  This reign of darkness then begins a 3 1/2 year worldwide rule and terror for true Christians, for true Jews with circumcised hearts. 

   America has elevated itself above all nations, especially since WWII.  We have aggressively sought to hold the world's economy in our hand.  This is true through our military and intelligence security bodies spread out across the globe.  We have become "Mystery Babylon the Great" riding on the horse of all other countries.  In the Book of Revelation chapters 17 and 18 our country's fate is portrayed.  As we weaken and begin to fall, the Beast Kingdom rises-

   1. First will be our economic ruin which is already beginning to happen.  This will foment much civil unrest met with police state forces.  Living in the wrong location will be a liability.  Basically a Christian must be where the Lord wants him or her to be!

   2. Our military will become more scattered, divided and weakened.  It will grow weaker over the years to come.

   3. Eventually stronger nations will invade and carve up parts of our American land, led by China and Russia, America's sovereignty will fail.  Survival of citizens will be by the hand of the Lord God!

   4. Towards the end of this final seven year period, America will be physically nearly destroyed.  Before that the "Rapture" rescue will have happened.  The end for American Christians will have come in a new beginning. They are the survivors as the Lord Messiah spoke- "Those who stand firm till the end will be saved."  

   5. So, as this very difficult time unfolds, how should we be; What should we do?

    A. We should seek to become real disciples of Yeshua reading His Spirit Word, learning to pray without ceasing and to become completely sensitive to the Holy Spirit within us by the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Our own personal, intimate Pentecost!  Then to fellowship with others as we can.

    B. Then His Spirit will guide our footsteps and determine our circumstances.  Messiah will make us awake, alert and watchful.  We will become wiser as well as shrewd and cunning.

    C. We each will become completely dependent upon our Lord and Shepherd for survival till the end,  whether through the "Rapture" or earlier body death.  

    D. Har Megiddo will happen.  The anti-Christ and the False Prophet of Satan will be destroyed along with their armies after nearly 3 1/2 years of forced reign of political, economic and religious tyranny and brutality.

    E. The Lord Messiah Yeshua will walk into His Jerusalem to establish His Temple and His worldwide thousand year Lordship of the earth.  All His faithful ones will be with Him.

   Revelation chapter 3, verse 10-

      "Because you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will keep you from the hour of trial that is about to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the Earth."